Coingecko and CoinMarketCap | Redeemable Rewards | Are You Aware of It?

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Disclaimer: This looks like financial advice, doesn’t it? You look at it from the right, it even looks like I am pushing you to do what is written in the article. If you put your head down and think, you may be convinced that this indeed is financial advice. If you close your eyes, it may seem logical to do what is in the article.

Even then, Do Your Own Research! This is not financial advice! 😊


Coingecko and CoinMarketCap

Most crypto users would know Coingecko and CoinMarketCap as the go-to place to find details on coins and tokens. These are sites that track the listed coins and tokens 24 hours every day, and therefore, form an accessible repository of live data related to coins and tokens.

Most crypto buyers and traders have Coingecko or CoinMarketCap apps installed to keep track of their investments. While these are incredibly useful sites, they also come out with programs to keep users coming back for more. The recent program was the rewards program that both sites launched.

What is the rewards program?

Coingecko and CoinMarketCap Rewards Program | Explained

I came on the rewards program by the end of last year. I think it was Coingecko that I found first and later realized that even CoinMarketCap has it. So, the working is simple, every day once you log in, just click and allow the rewards to add to your kitty. You can do it once every 24 hours. You can then use the rewards to redeem things that you would like to buy from the ones that are offered. Simple, right?

I got interested first because they had a token called ACS that we could buy on Coingecko if we had accumulated enough rewards. The Coingecko terminology for these rewards is “candies” while that on CoinMarketCap is “diamonds”. So, coming back to the story, I had to collect 800 candies within a month to gain access to the ACS token. To cut a long story short, I did manage to collect enough candies to get 250 ACS tokens and here it is.

I received the tokens in my phantom wallet but I can’t use it immediately. It is staked by Coingecko for some months and then will be credited to my wallet. Makes sense. Otherwise, everyone will sell and leave. I have already accumulated 622 more ACS tokens from the initial 250.

The same thing works on CoinMarketCap also but I haven’t redeemed anything there. Besides, CoinMarket allows you the additional benefit of earning more, if you join any of their airdrops or predict prices contest, etc. I think this runs every day, so not a bad thing. *Also, at one point CZ hinted at making diamonds a tradeable token too. Of course, that stays as wishful thinking as of now.* But imagine it becoming a token and you holding a big bag! 😊

We only can gain by hitting the “candies” and “diamond” buttons once every day. And the entire process does not take more than 3-5 seconds each. Then why not?

Sneak-a-peek into Candies and Diamonds | Coingecko and CoinMarketCap

Both the Candies and Diamonds from Coingecko and CoinMarket, respectively, have been there for seven months at least. So, it is not much of a sneak peek, but we will take a look for the benefit of those who aren't aware.

Let’s go.

Coingecko | Candies in Your Pocket

Head to Coingecko and you will see the rewards program mentioned there. Click on it and you will be asked to log in. Once you log in, the candies will be visible to you. The number of candies increases each day and on the seventh day you get the maximum of 100 candies and then it resets to day 1.

That’s my collection. If you miss any of the days in between, the candies will reset to the day 1 value and you have to start from there. The redeemable rewards are listed on the rewards page.

See the NYM tokens shown above? That is redeemable too. I missed the opportunity. I thought I will write this article and go back and redeem it. But it was gone by then. ☹ Oh, well. Next time!

That’s how popular the program is. The opportunity went by in six hours.

CoinMarketCap | Diamonds in a Ring

Here is the other rewards program. I haven’t redeemed anything here, so far.

Since it doesn’t take too much time, I might as well go and collect some diamonds. You never know when CZ is in the mood to create some Diamond tokens. 😊

Here too you have a page to redeem your rewards.

With CoinMarketCap being owned by Binance, I want to see more redeemable tokens. That would be fun.

Well, anything is possible.

That’s It | Coingecko’s and CoinMarketCap’s Candies and Diamonds Covered

I am sure you would have enjoyed reading and I encourage you to go ahead and enroll in those programs. If you are an avid crypto user like me, then you would be coming across these sites more often than not. If so, why not benefit from it?

The article was intended to give you information about an opportunity that exists out there and it is still your choice what you do with it. Whatever your choice, have fun!

So, that’s it from me and I will see you soon! 😊

Image Courtesy: Ijmaki on Pixabay


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