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A few months back I made the significant discovery that Hive was not only the hardfork from Steem but also Blurt. I was so thrilled with the discovery that I went ahead and painted the town red with that info. I was proud of the discovery.

All that pride was soon crawling on the floor when I realized that many already knew about it. If anything, I was the last to the party. Well, not last exactly, but not the first either. Leaving the past behind, let me give an idea for the first-timers who are reading about Blurt.

Blurt is a social media platform much like Hive but forked a little later in May 2020. There are many Hivers and Steemers on Blurt and you can write and discuss stuff that you do over here on Hive and Leo. Blurt happens to be the token managing the economy of that platform. So, why am I discussing this?


Here’s Why?

Once I started using Blurt, I realized you pay for almost everything. You pay for posting, upvoting, following, etc. Every transaction has a cost and therefore you run out of liquid Blurt pretty soon. So, you got to buy it from I bought it but did not know how to send it to Blurt platform. So, this post is about how to do the transfer.

I read a post by @offgridlife which gave an idea of how to send and receive Blurt tokens. So, here’s a quick guide. I am starting with the assumption that you are already logged in to (or any of the Blurt frontend) and

Also, I assume you already know how to transfer tokens between Hive-engine and wallets like Hive wallet.


Sending Blurt From Blurt Wallet to Hive Engine

1. First get to your Blurt Wallet

Click on transfer where you have the popup coming up. Here it is:

a.    In the “To” tab put blurtlink as the recipient

b.    Amount put as much as you want to transfer. I am transferring 10 Blurt

*Important Note: Blurlink charges 1 Blurt for the transfer. So, transfer more than 1 Blurt to get anything transferred. 😊*

c.    Memo is the most important thing. Put the hive-engine name that you want the Blurt to be transferred to. For me, it is “oivas”.

*Note: Put the username in the memo without the @*

d.    Then hit next and you will get the confirm transfer screen.

e.    Click ok to proceed. You will be asked your Active owner key

f.    With that the transfer is complete

g.    Let’s check the transfer


2.Receipt of the token on Hive Engine

Here we see the balance transferred to Hive Engine:

The account already had 4.795 Blurt already and 9 was added from the transfer. 1 Blurt went towards the blurtlink fees.

So, the transfer worked.

Now, let’s try the reverse.


Sending Blurt From Hive Engine to Blurt Wallet

1.    Get on Hive Engine

We saw from the previous screen that there is 13.795 Blurt on Hive Engine. Let’s try sending 13 Blurt to our Blurt Wallet

a.    Click on the “send tokens” button and a popup will come

b.    Fill in the details as shown

c.    In the “To” field put the recipient as Blurt

d.    The amount is 13 Blurt in my case

e.    The memo field will have the username on Blurt that you want to receive the Blurt tokens. Here it is my account and hence “oivas”.

Note: No @ to be used before the username in the memo.

f.    Once you press the Blurt token tab, your Hive Keychain (if you have installed it) will ask for authentication and then the transaction will go through

Now, this was my Blurt Wallet before the transfer:

And here is the Blurt Wallet after the transfer:

And that’s how the transfer takes place between Blurt and Hive Engine.


That’s It!

The only thing we need to remember over here is that the transfer is to “blurtlink” and your username without the “@” is to be shared in the memo. With that, the transfers can be done easily.


Image Courtesy: Hive Engine and Blurt Wallet


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