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Crypto Coins, Tokens, and Exchanges

Since Bitcoin's mysterious appearance in 2008, the advent of crypto and the ensuing success stories have made many millionaires, if not billionaires. But this success led to numerous me-too coins/tokens and exchanges. Some were good, some were bad, but others were outright ugly (scams).

If we leave the ugly alone, assuming there are some in every walks of life, we can look at the good and the bad. The good, of course, are the tokens/coins and exchanges of worth that are there for the long run, while the bad refers to the me-toos with no innovations or at least essential development.

As we speak, Coingecko, a trusted site for crypto coin/token details, lists more than 9000 coins/tokens and 500 exchanges. How do users make sense of these numbers? More so, the 500 exchanges are mindboggling if all they will do is list precisely the same coins/tokens and have the same function. Why would anyone bother to register on multiple exchanges then? No real reason, right?

For me to register on an exchange, there has to be some unique functionality that piques my curiosity. And that is one of the reasons for me to register with Bityard Exchange.

Bityard Exchange, Did I Say?

Yes, Bityard indeed.

Staying true to my reason to look at Bityard, I found a few innovative things. It honestly did offer what other exchanges did not provide. The basics are all there – easy registration, choice of coins/tokens, choice of trading modes (spot, contract, etc.), and of course, ease of trading. There is even forex trading for the traditionally inclined. 😊 Talking of registration, you can register on the exchange at the link below, and you can acknowledge what I am going to talk about in a moment.


Beyond the basics is what impressed me, and we will talk about those. I liked two things about Bityard – one is the copy trade, and the other is daily mining. I've got to say I had fun with the second one.

Let's get to know each of them.

Copy Trade Function in Bityard

Once you are on Bityard's home page, you will see the "Copy Trade" tab on the top. For reference, look at the main page image that I have posted in the first section of this discussion. It is hard to miss. But what is it?

The copy trade functionality is for those who aren't watching the market closely or don't have the time to do so. Despite that, such users would want to trade. There are only two things that you can do in such a circumstance – one, take advice from a trader or two, copy a trader knowing his/her credentials (profitability credentials). It is the second option that Bityard makes available through its platform.

The image above is what you see when you hit the copy trade tab. Here is a list of traders making 1000% plus profit over the last 30 day period. Any reason not to just copy their trading pattern? That's as simple as it gets. You just hit the copy trade button next to the trader of your choice. And the best part is you don't even have to know the trader to do this. The platform enables it for you. Isn't that the best functionality ever? You bet.

Want to try it out? Check it out yourself: JOIN BITYARD

And I am pretty sure I didn't see this on any other exchange when Bityard first came out. Now, some may have copied, if at all. But I would think Bityard was the pioneer. By now, they have made this functionality seamless for all users. You've got to try it if you are hard-pressed for time but would love to trade.

Daily Mining | Bityard's Love For Its Users

Daily Mining is one of my favorites and the easiest thing to do on Bityard. Who wouldn't love to mine tokens that the platform enables? This is not mining as we understand from Bitcoin, ETH, or other coins/tokens miners. Bityard's mining is zero hardware invested, easy to use, platform enabled goodies for its users.

See that? It is as simple as you going and clicking on those coins and all those goodies go into your account. I don't know about you, but I love it the most for obvious reasons. 😊 And I haven't been using it much, yet have some healthy 2.6 USDT worth of tokens collected.

If you think that it is not much then remember it is all free and I haven't been using it as often. Why don't you try it out yourself?


And have fun while you are trying it out. 😊

There Is Much Much More

I have touched upon just two of my favorite functionalities, but there are many more for those interested. Few things like intuitive UI, Bityard being regulation bound, and even certified in a few countries are just what makes it dependable. So, in a world of me-toos, Bityard comes forth as an honest exchange providing a trustworthy platform for its users.

The best way to know what I am talking about is to test it out yourself. Go ahead and have a check. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

Bityard UID: 541738494150983680


Image Courtesy: Bityard Resources


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