Bityard Exchange | Copy Trader | 15 USD To 17.33 USD in a Day | 5592% Annualized Profit!

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Disclaimer: This is absolutely what you think. It is indeed financial advice, and if you follow it, take responsibility for your decision to follow it. You are a grown-up now. Don't come wailing back to me if it did not work.

Kidding. This is not financial advice.


Bityard | Story So Far

A few days back, I wrote an article on Bityard Exchange and touched upon two things I liked about the exchange. One of them was the "Copy Trade" functionality which I think is unique to Bityard. If it is available on any other exchange, then I am not aware of it. Either way, I had known about the functionality for at least six months but never used it.

The problem with writing about something without using it is nothing but marketing gimmicks. Why would I recommend something that I hadn't used? If not a marketing gimmick, it borders on hypocrisy - to preach what I don't practice. So, I had to correct things for my own conscience's sake.

Now that the previous article was through, I went out to check Copy Trade. I came back mighty impressed. I have witnessed *5592% annualized return*. And this article is about that story.

Before we start, why don't you join? You can do so here: Join Bityard

Once you join, you can follow the step-by-step of what I did. Not that there is some rocket science there. But you know, who minds a little help! So, let's go.

First Up | What Is Copy Trade Functionality?

Alright, the basics here. Those who don't have time to trade or don't think they have enough time to research can do the second-best thing. What is that? Copy the trades (Copy Trade) of an established trader.

The above image is the front page of the exchange. Do you see the "Copy Trade" tab on the top? That's what we are talking about. The best part is, you just copy the trade of any trader whose credentials are provided by the platform, invest the money and go to sleep. I am not kidding. That's all you've got to do. The rest is taken care of by the platform and the trader.

Since you are growing successful because of the trader, they are given 8% of the profit. That also keeps them happy and in search of new followers to copy their trade. It is the best win-win situation I have ever seen.

So, how does it work? Here is a step-by-step of what I did.

Step 1: Transfer Some Dollars (Tether) to Bityard

It was 16.69 USDT, to be precise. Why? Because the platform prompted that to use the BSC network for USDT deposit, I would have to deposit a minimum of 15 USDT. Hence I did 16.69 USDT. The fees were lowest on BSC. You can choose to transfer through the TRC-20 (minimum of 10 USDT) or ERC-20 (minimum of 15 USDT) network too. The fees would be higher.

That's my deposit.


Step 2: Choose Trader to Copy

Hit the Copy Trade button on top. You will go to the next page showing each trader, their success rate over 30 days, and their profit rate.

I chose the trader Jack Sparrow.


Step 3: Assign Amount to the Trader and Copy Trade

All that you have to do is assign an amount to the trader and save the details. After that, you hit follow, and you are online for tracking the traders' trades.

As you can see, I have assigned USDT 15 to the trader. My job is done.


Step 4: What Next? | Keep Checking

And that's what I did. I assigned 15 USDT, and within a day, it yielded a profit of USDT 2.33. I did nothing.

How cool is that? That's all you have to do for using the copy trade functionality in Bityard.

If you care to join now, then please do here: Join Bityard


5: What Am I Up to Next?

I will check if we can follow more than one trader at a time. That would be cool, right? I can spread my risks. Let me check and come back on that. If you happen to check before me, do update me in the comments section.

Also, I guess depositing a higher amount gives a higher return. This is just a cursory observation. Maybe right, maybe not. I will have to check that out too.


6: Word of Caution

While there are profits in the trade, so are losses. For this, the platform provides a stop-loss function too. You can choose that from the "advanced setting" tab shown in step three picture.

You can do that setting there. Be careful. Be safe. 😊

My Verdict

*Definitely go. What have you got to lose? Invest small and check it out yourself.*

Besides, this functionality has been working for nearly a year now (or more). If it is robust and holding up, I think it is okay. Besides, all parties win, right? The platform gets its fees, the trader receives his share, and the investor his profit. This is nothing but the concept of "mutual funds" in stock trading being replicated in crypto. Any reason not to try out? You decide.

If you decide to join, here is the link: Join Bityard

Have fun! 😊

Image Courtesy: [Ijmaki]( | Bityard Resources


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