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Hive | Introduction

Alright, don’t expect me to speak about Splinterlands or numerous other games on the Hive blockchain. These are runaway successes, and if you don’t know about it, my sympathies.

In this post, I would like to focus on writers and authors and, therefore, cover three opportunities on the Hive blockchain as we speak. Few of them are time-bound, while the others will run for some time into the future and occur periodically. What am I talking about?

I am talking about opportunities that authors on Hive or, for that matter, authors/writers from other platforms can join to participate. If you are not already on Hive, you can join Hive here.


Now that we know what we are discussing let’s jump in.

CTP Content | Check out the CTP Channel on Hive

The CTP Contest is an ongoing contest hosted by the CTP team for all authors who could write articles on the platform for thirty days straight without a break. Well, it has been running since last month and will conclude on 30th November 2021. That means you have only three days over a month to get started.

What do you have to do? You have to register on the below link to get started. The rules and your status can be tracked on the same link.

CTPContent Contest

Winners who do get through the 30 days stand to win a share of $1000 of Hive and Hive-Engine tokens. While it may sound easy, I have faltered four times to keep the continuity of posting every day. If you miss even a day, your tally becomes zero. So, thirty days straight without a break.

Also, you are free to write about any topic, so long as you don’t enter any other contest’s post. This will be checked regularly. Besides, you will have to use the tag “#ctpcontent”. Only one article per day is captured by the site. So, even if you make multiple posts in a day with the tag, only one will be taken. Check the above link for the complete rules.

Just so that you know how difficult it is to write continuously for 30 days, only 19 people (as per the link above) have completed the contest so far. So, what are you waiting for? Go and participate. 😊

Zapfic Contest | By | 240 Character Story (Hive user) had hosted one of the longest-running microfiction contests on the Hive (and Steem) blockchain. It was during the Steem to Hive transition that the contest took a break. It did start again and ran for some time before a second break. And now….

It is back again!! I enjoyed this contest and will participate in the new iteration. It tests your writing skills to complete a story in just 240 characters (not words. Characters. Make a note of that). Here is the recent post.

Zapfic Contest

You can read through the rules in the post, and winners get Hive SBI as the prize. I find it quite exciting personally and hope you will too. :)

Finish The Story Contest | By erh.germany

Finish the Story contest was another classic that has been going on for a long time. It had different owners, different hosts (including, ahem, yours truly), and now user @erh.germany is reviving it. God bless her!!

Here, the first part of a story is given, and writers have to complete the second part - your imagination, your story. There is a word limit of 500-700 words. So, your creativity needs to fit into that. 😊 You can find the contest here:

Finish The Story Contest

You can read all the rules in the above link. Also, winners stand to win Hive. Not a bad thing. Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

That’s It

So, here are three opportunities on the Hive blockchain, and I will be coming up with more of them every now and then. Watch this space!

Either way, more opportunities will be discussed soon. Till then, have fun! 😊

Image Courtesy: Alexas_Fotos at Pixabay


Some Useful Sites to Give You More

Some of the good crypto-writing-earning sites:

Publish0x: Earn ETH || Earn BCH || Trodl


Some good earning sites for Tweet size posts

Torum: Earn XTM || Earn BCH || Tipestry: Earn Dogecoin, Dogecoincash & SuperDog


Some crypto-faucets and jewelry earners:

Horizen: Earn ZEN || Mene: Earn $5 on signup || Earn Litecoin || Earn Bitcoin || Pipeflare: Earn ZEC, FLR, MATIC


Few Gaming-cum-earning sites

Splinterlands || Drugwars 


Spot and/or Futures Trading Exchange

Binance || KuCoin || WazirX || Bityard


Search Tool That Pays in Crypto



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