Us election: Even if trump do not succeed he has change the world

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3 years ago

Any American president not only presides over his country, and is regarded as the most powerful man to be heard in the world, Trump has not survived, so whatever he does, can change the lives of the people. .

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How the world views America

President Trump has repeatedly described the United States as the most powerful country in the world, but a Pew Reserch poll shows the president has done nothing to improve it. not, to raise the profile of the country in the eyes of the world.

In many European countries, the number of people who view the United States as a minority has dropped to a level it has never seen in two decades.

In the UK, 41 percent consider the United States, 31 percent in France, and 26 percent in Germany.

The United States' fight against the cholera epidemic has played a significant role in undermining its prestige in the eyes of the world, as only 15 percent think the country is on the right track, according to official figures.

How the United States reacted to climate change

It's hard to say whether President Trump's policy on climate change is so superstitious, it's often called superstition.

It has alarmed scientists by announcing the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, which has put nearly 200 countries on global warming.

The United States is the world's second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China, and analysts warn that if Mr. Trump is re-elected, it will be difficult to maintain the environment.

Rejecting the Paris agreement, the president claimed that the terms of the agreement could pose a threat to US companies.

Many U.S. coal mines are still closed, though, as a result of competition between low-cost gas companies and the country's efforts to boost the energy sector, government figures show progress. .

The U.S. withdrawal continues to have dire consequences, although some observers see it as easing the route to Brazil and Saudi Arabia to block progress on carbon emissions.

Closing borders with other countries.

President Trump tightened the country's borders a week after he was sworn in.

It closes US borders to travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Thirteen countries are currently under strict traffic restrictions.

The number of foreign-born people living in the United States reached nearly 3 percent in 2019 than in 2016, President Obama's last year in office.

The number of Americans born in Mexico has been steadily declining during Mr. Trump's administration, while the number of immigrants from somewhere in Latin America and the Caribbean has increased.

The number of visas that allow people to stay permanently in the United States, especially the relatives of those who live there, is also limited.

If we talk about President Trump's policy on the borders of his country and its neighbors, there will definitely be the issue (Katanga) that he promised to build on the border with Mexico.

As of October 19, the U.S. Immigration Service said a 371-mile wall had been built.

The number of migrants detained at the U.S. - Mexico border reached unprecedented numbers in 2019, leading to an increase in arrivals during the summer.

More than half are families, mostly from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, where violence and poverty are forcing people to seek refuge and a new life elsewhere.

Human rights groups say the use of the word for credible news is an obstacle to democracy, which is based on public satisfaction and information.

The US war in the Middle East

In his State of the Nation Address in 2019, President Trump promised to withdraw US troops from the Middle East, saying "major powers are not involved in an endless war."

President Trump has done what previous leaders have avoided, by relocating the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel-Aviv in 2018, and recognizing the city as Israel.

Save the international response, this is the biggest progress the Trump administration has made in terms of its foreign policy.

Last month, the Trump administration began making significant strides in improving relations with Israel and other Muslim countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, and more recently Sudan.

In 2019, trade relations between the United States and China have declined compared to 2016.

U S companies export small quantities of goods from the United States to China to avoid President Trump imposing tariffs on them.

However, despite the corona epidemic, US exports far exceed its imports.

On December 2, 2016, Mr. Trump, the then president-elect, took the unprecedented step of speaking directly to the Taiwanese president - in violation of an agreed law to cut ties with country in 1979.

Carrie Gracie, then BBC editor in China, predicted the move would cause "panic and anger" in Beijing, which sees Taiwan as a Chinese province and not an independent country.

The United States has taken a number of measures against China following the breakdown of relations, including imposing tariffs on its products, suspending the download of TikTok and WeChat software, and imposing tariffs on Chinese telecommunications companies.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has been in power since 2013, has led a controversial security law in Hong Kong, as well as the imprisonment of Uighurs, a minority of Muslims, which the United States opposes.

President Trump has renamed coronary syndrome "China's virus" because, according to him, the country's negligence has led to the spread of the disease worldwide.

The rest of the United States is at war with Iran

"Iran will definitely face the fate of any American who loses his life. The big result is not a warning, it is a threat to Iran," President Trump said in a statement posted on his Twitter account. , in early 2019.

A few days later, the United States threatened the world by killing Iran's top military general, General Qaseim Sulaimani, who was leading Iran's international operations, by firing rockets near Baghdad airport and in Iraq, leading to threat of war between the two countries.

No fighting was reported, but a number of unarmed civilians were killed, hours after the United States fired its weapons in response, accidentally shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane.

Has it always been that way? Many things happened in sincerity, anger, revenge efforts, and the desire to water the hearts of Iranians.

The United States and Iran have been at loggerheads since 1979, when the United States backed the ousted Shah, a number of Americans were abducted and hidden at the US embassy in Iran in May 2018.

President Trump has responded by withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, in which Iran agreed to limit its nuclear weapons program, while the United States will lift sanctions on Iran.

It was after the withdrawal from the agreement that President Trump imposed a series of sanctions that he called the toughest, because it agreed to a new agreement that he wanted to reach.

Iran has refused to surrender, leading to its economic collapse, which in 2019 pushed up food prices by more than 61 percent.

Some Iranians have taken to the streets in protest of US sanctions against Iran.

While the corona epidemic has caused the countries serious problems, there is still no way for them to reconcile.

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Indeed I will not say that trump did not produce development to America but biden we are hoping that will try his best and we are wishing him all the best

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3 years ago

But we are expecting biden will do more better than the trump

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3 years ago

what did the Donal trump did and change the world we are not praying for both of them to pass the election they should just even disappear from the world

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3 years ago

For the well being of Africa and it's people, I really wants Donald Trump to win this election.

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3 years ago

Why do you support this man? Can i knw the reason please

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3 years ago

He is better than that of the other contester, because he wants destroy Africa

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3 years ago

If that is his intention i will prefer trump too as a pan African i don't want something that will affect our dignity

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3 years ago

Yes, the agenda he has on Africa and it's people is bad

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3 years ago

May we be protected against his evil act but these people are not something to believe

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3 years ago

The Americans should choose wisely on who to elect as their next president for the benefit of their country

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3 years ago

It is time for the Americans to decide who will run the country at this though time

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3 years ago