Chelsea FC have failed to depends its club

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Chelsea have failed to beat the top five in the Premier League despite expensive shopping this season

Chelsea lost 3-1 to Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on Sunday in Week 17 of the Premier League.

The club's defeat leaves them eighth in the table with 26 points after 17 games this season.

It was Chelsea's fifth defeat in the Premier League after seven games, five draws and 32 goals, with 21 goals conceded in this season's competition.

Chelsea have been in contention to challenge Liverpool and Tottenham for the 2020/21 Premier League title since the start of the season.

But that has changed since Everton's win over Chelsea on December 12, ending a 17-match unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge.

Since Chelsea's defeat at Goodison Park, the club have lost to Wolvrhampton, Arsenal and Manchester City, drawing with Aston Villa and beating West Ham United.

Of the 18 points Chelsea should have conceded four, and Sheffield United have lost six, West Brom have lost five and Chelsea have lost four.

Chelsea have been plagued by relegation since the start of the season after a series of back-to-back defeats, but they have now become a rarity, and the club's top scorers have so far failed to impress.

Chelsea have traded 24 247 million more than any other club in Europe this year, and at a time when cholera has crippled the football economy around the world.

Outstanding players picked by Chelsea

Thiago Silva

Chelsea's top players include Kai Havertz for 80 80m, Timo Werner for 53 53m, Ben Chilwell for 50 50m, Hakim Ziyech for miliyan 40m and Edouard Mendy for 24 24m. defender, Thiago Silva.

Havertz has struggled to recover from a concussion and Werner has gone 12 games without a goal for Chelsea, the first time he has taken a goalless draw since the start. tamaula in Stuttgart in 2014/15

Since the start of this year's Premier League, Chelsea have not won against five major Premier League clubs, including Manchester United and Tottenham, while Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City have beaten them.

Chelsea will face a tough challenge in the future if they do not return to the top flight, as they face Atletico Madrid in the second round of the Champions League.

Atletico are top of LaLiga after beating Deportivo Alaves on Sunday and have two Laliga games in hand.

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