Currency of Life, Poem 02

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3 weeks ago

In the dance of life, where shadows play,

A delicate balance, night and day.

Through winding paths, we navigate,

In pursuit of dreams, our destinies create.

Yet, in the tapestry of existence, a thread so sly,

Money whispers softly, as desires multiply.

Its currency echoes in the silent hum,

A paradoxical heartbeat, where fortunes come.

In the pursuit of wealth, do we find our worth?

Or in simple moments, shared laughter's mirth?

Life's true richness, not in coins amassed,

But in the love we give, ensuring memories last.

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3 weeks ago


This poem beautifully reflects on the dance of life and the pursuit of wealth. It reminds us that true richness lies not in the coins we amass, but in the love we give and the memories we create. Let's cherish the simple moments and shared laughter that bring true joy and fulfillment to our lives. 💖🌟

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3 weeks ago