Hungry microorganisms.

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According to Corona, when the whole of Bangladesh was living in captivity at home, according to other countries of the world,

the only thing on the face of the poorest people of this country was "willing to die in Corona, but not out of hunger". Perhaps that is why the poet Sukanta Bhattacharya wrote in his poem "O Mahajivan" -

""In the realm of hunger, the earth is like a full moon full of prose.""

"Our main question was whether this kind of nutrient-restricted environment exists in life, or whether it is a lifeless region," said Yuki Moraene, lead author of the article and veteran scientist (Jamstek). "We wanted to know how long microorganisms can survive in the absence of solid food," he said.

Normally, a normal person can go hungry for three weeks, then starvation slowly pushes him towards death.

For decades, scientists have collected ancient sediment samples from the bottom of the ocean floor to better understand previous climates, crust formation theories, and deep marine ecosystems.

In a new study, the Japan Agency for Marine-The research team from Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), URI Graduate School of Oceanography, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, University of Kochi and Japan Marine Works. Had embraced.

On the other hand, some microorganisms at the bottom of the ocean have been found to lose us and survive for tens of millions of years without food anywhere.

In a recent article in Nature Communications, researchers found that microorganisms that have been dormant beneath the ocean floor since prehistoric giant reptiles were able to regenerate and multiply if given the right food in the right laboratory environment.

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