What if it is a Crypto Winter?

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Does the prospect of a Crypto Winter change your involvement level in this space? It's easy to be in during a Bull Run, the euphoria is strong and wrong decisions seemingly can't be made. It's easy to have a positive attitude and continue to learn when everything is going right. I had a lot of friends and family get involved with Crypto when DOGE was starting to moon. They thought they could jump in for pennies and come out as millionaires overnight. 90% of those that got involved have since stepped away. So that begs the question, where do you stand?

Are you in Crypto for a quick buck, or do you plan to build a future here? I know for me personally bear markets are where I ply my trade, they're the best for learning how to actually get good at evaluating projects and trading. During Bull Runs everyone is a genius. During Bear Markets only the truly strong projects survive. Bear Markets are also where true wealth can be created, when everyone is jumping into a Bull Run they're getting Crypto at a premium, while those who have been investing wisely got it a discount by staying committed and focused.

Diamond Hands

Now I want to clarify something. It's absolutely foolish to hold your bag indefinitely. If you're DCA'ing into your favorite coins and resolve to hold them no matter what the market conditions are you might be misled. You should absolutely take profits along the way during a Bull Run. Diamond Hands are  sticking in the market during the downturns, resolving to continue and learn even when things don't look the best.

That's not to say there aren't times to cut your losses, if your favorite meme coin got railroaded by VB - maybe you should sell out asap as meme coins aren't exactly known for their resiliency (save DOGE). Learning market trends and experiencing the ups and downs of Crypto are essential to surviving and thriving during the tumultuous times we currently find ourselves in. 

I don't do Technical Analysis, never have. I enjoy reading other people who are good at it but for me, I just don't want to. But the more I look at the long term Bitcoin price chart, the more I see incredible similarities between the 2017-2018 run and the run at the beginning of 2021. 

A meteoric run up to a new all-time-high, a sharp decline followed by a moderate recovery - which I believe we're in now, BTC may get to $40-$50k before continuing the downward slide. Then a couple years of accumulation at a level that was equal to the previous ATH. Followed by another boom in a couple years. This analysis could be just pure stupidity, like I said I don't do technical analysis, or it could be what's going on here.

This brings me back to my original point. So what if it is a Crypto Winter? Does that effect your involvement or will you stay the course? This is one of the best times to be in, as the next bull run will be astronomical. And if it's just a dip on the way to the peak of the mother of all Bull Runs, thank God you got in when you did. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, would love to know your thoughts on what the market condition is right now. Don't forget to spank that follow button and drop a like. Happy earnings!

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