The Top 5 EOS dApps You Need to Try in 2021

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As a continuation (albeit late) of my Top 5 dApps by Blockchain Series I decided to venture into the EOS universe. Quite honestly I was least excited to venture into the research for this article because as many opinions as I have, I had little to no opinion of EOS and to me that's a bad thing. I'd heard of it being mostly centralized in China and I'd heard of it being just another feeless ETH clone but I had done little research into EOS myself. So while this is a top 5 list of my favorite EOS dApps, this was also for me a minor exploration into EOS itself. Hope you enjoy!

Before we go any further, I used Wombat wallet for all of this (if you don't like Wombat, Token Pocket is a fantastic alternative). They have a pretty solid mobile app and browser extension down the line of a MetaMask or TronLink. And as usual this is by no means a ranking of the apps by highest users, this is merely the top 5 dApps I found to be fun or useful. All of these I spent a decent amount of time in and invested my own money to test each one.  Each dApp I tested to make sure they were #1 legit and #2 had some use for you all. For every one dApp here I tested another 5-6 that didn't make the cut for whatever reason. Let me know if there were any EOS dApps I missed, I'd love to try them out!

1. Defibox

It would be impossible to not include Defibox on a ranking of the top EOS dApps out there. While still fairly new (launched in July of 2020) Defibox has proven to be the top DeFi platform on EOS. One big reason for their growth could be that Defibox is just not another startup. It is funded and promoted by NewDEX, the largest decentralized exchange on EOS.

I'm not sure why more people don't capitalize on the mostly under-utilized space that is DeFi on EOS. Perhaps it's the same reason many people don't jump on every single ETH-Killer that pops up. But Defibox certainly shows a lot of promise. Swap services that are decentralized down the same vein as a Uniswap or SushiSwap. And liquidity providing pools that allow you to earn a share of the 0.3% swap fees that are imposed on each swap, as well as their own stablecoin in USN and of course their own token in BOX. All in all I believe it's another great tool to add to your bag if you're a DeFi King.


2. Yup

Yup is a Blockchain Social Media site that rewards your opinion across the web. When you install the extension or link your social accounts to it you can essentially rate everything on the web, from Google Maps listings to this very article. You are rewarded in YUP tokens when others agree with your opinion. Actually a pretty interesting concept for a Social Media site I've not seen before.

So what does that mean for me? I promptly went in and gave 5* likes to everything I've ever put on the web lol. I expect you to do the same. 


3. Organix

What is Organix? Organix is - 

Organix is an EOS-based protocol for the mint and trading of synthetic assets such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, fiat currencies, indexes, and inverse assets by over-collateralized the OGX tokens.

If you're anything like me you have no idea what the above quote means. But after trying the platform out myself and reading more than a couple articles by the founder of it explaining what they do I actually really started to like them. Organix allows you to trade pretty much anything on their site with little no trading fees (0.2%).

In the future they plan to support everything from stocks to commodities to binary options but at this time they currently only have synthetic cryptocurrency market. There's a whole lot I can go into with this, and maybe I will in a future article but all the prices are set by oracles that pull from multiple sources. It really is a very interesting project that's worth diving into more.


4. NewDEX

I already mentioned it above but NewDEX is the largest decentralized exchange on EOS and has been for quite some time. But the reason I include it here is not just for that reason. Probably the most interesting thing NewDEX does is they have a "Seed" initiative where they specifically fund and help develop new DeFi projects on the EOS blockchain. 

NewDEX also has their own token, much like every DEX out there, NDX. The thing that I think is interesting about NDX though is you get 10% of the Defibox protocol revenue, 25% of the Newpool management fees, as well as the Seed investment earnings. So it's a potentially pretty profitable token to hold.


5. Womplay

The final dApp I'd like to highlight here is Womplay. If you have Brave Browser you've probably heard of Womplay in one of the thousands of ads they've sent out here recently. Womplay is a site that rewards you for playing popular Mobile and Desktop games. I've used Womplay for about eight months now and my rewards have varied from a high of 6 EOS ($40 @ today's rate) to as low as 0.01 EOS ($0.06). 

If you're someone that wants to get involved in the EOS ecosystem but doesn't want to spend any money (aka me) this is a great place to start. In my opinion the best way to earn here is to store up your WomBucks over the course of 1-2 weeks then join the pool when you have the most, this will give you the best chance to get the highest earnings.


Honorary Mentions

  • Upland - Once again if you have Brave Browser you've certainly heard of Upland. Upland is a "Blockchain Metaverse" where you can buy/sell/trade virtual properties tied to real addresses. I didn't want to include Upland above as I've only casually played this for the last several months. It is interesting but I wouldn't call it top 5 worthy. Website:

  • Everipedia - Everipedia is the blockchain competitor to Wikipedia. While I have nothing against Wikipedia I do believe competent competition is good for anything. Everipedia is currently striving to do that. They have their own token (IQ) and a bevy of articles already on the site. Definitely worth checking out! Website:

Well that wraps up the top 5 (+2) EOS dApps in 2021. I certainly had some fun looking into the EOS blockchain as a whole and finding some pretty interesting projects. Once again please let me know if you think I missed any or if I should check any out. Thanks for reading, liking and following!

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