I Spent $50 and 7 Days in Alien Worlds - A Review

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2 years ago

I heard about Alien Worlds the same way I'm sure many of you did, by being absolutely bombarded by the sheer amount of content about them. Over the last 5 months since Alien Worlds launched there have been over 171 articles about Alien Worlds posted on Publish0x - and not without good reason. Alien Worlds has been one of the best methods to earn a decent income for simply clicking a button since Faucets first became a thing. So instead of just ignoring the growing uproar about Alien Worlds I decided to join in. A little over a week ago I boarded the Alien Worlds hype train and dropped $50 on WAX to grab some Alien Worlds NFTs to get a little head start on my mining adventure.

Picking the Right Tools

Alien Worlds has a plethora of NFTs available for it's users to maximize their mining income. Picking the right ones can make just about anyone's head spin. There's POW, TLM Efficiency, NFT Efficiency, Charge Time and Rarity to take into account when choosing the most efficient option for your mining adventures. Luckily I found this handy info graphic, courtesy of MetaHub, to help choose the best tools. 

Now you may look at the above graphic and think...Absolute Unit, I thought this was supposed to help me and I think I'm more confused now. Well me too. After speaking with the kind people in the cryptomonKey Discord though I got some additional clarity and that clarity was to maximize TLM earnings, the NFTs will come. Even though there's a ton of different columns and colors above, the only thing I needed to care about was how big the TLM number was and how low the charge time was. I decided to pick the Power Extractor, Standard Drill and Standard Capacitor. I unwittingly bought in a slump so this came out to roughly $40, today it's going for closer to $60-70.

Scouting Out the Right Land

I had already decided which planet I was going to be mining on, I've been a big fan of Banano for a while now so the choice was quickly made to be Neri, but choosing the actual square on which to mine was starting to cause my head to spin again. The same attributes that are assigned to tools in Alien Worlds, the lands there have as well. On each piece of land there's attributes like xCharge Time, xTLM ease, xNFT ease, POW and click frequency.

I once again was helped out by my buddies in the cryptomonKeys Discord and MetaHub. I found out the Geothermal Springs located at 20:5 would be the land I was looking for. I wanted something that was High click intensity as most of the time I would spend playing would be while I was at work and high TLM output. I would also switch my guy to the Active Volcano at 18:9 (when I would remember to) when I would log off for the day.


Over the course of 7 days of clicking "Mine" every 10 minutes for about 3-4 hours a day at the Geothermal Springs and occasionally remembering to set it to the Active Volcano as I would go to sleep I made 32 TLM which at current prices is about $19. I also mined up two Standard Drills ($22), a Male Human ($0.10) and a Confuser ($3). All in all I made about $44.10. This is a pretty incredible ROI for about a weeks worth of clicking a button. Also if I sold my currently held NFTs now I could make out almost $70 ahead. Pretty crazy!

If we're going to be honest, nobody's really sure of the long term longevity of a game like Alien Worlds. I'm certainly not sure when the well of free money will dry up. But I highly recommend you get in there and start mining as soon as you can! 

I hope you found this informative and a good read! If you enjoyed don't forget to like, comment and follow me here so I know to keep making content. Happy earnings!

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