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8 months ago

This is an old but wonderfully perpleasing problem.


Three men went to a hotel and were told that there was only one room left abd that it would cost $30 for the night. They paid $10 apiece and went to the room. The desk clerk, discovering that by mistake he had overcharged them by $5.00, Asked the bell boy to return the $5.00. The bell boy, not being as honest as the desk clerk, reasoned, that since $5.00 Is not easy to divide three ways, he would keep $2.00 And return $1.00 To each of the three men. Each man thus actually paid only $9.00 Apiece, or a total of $27 for the room. Add to that the $2.00 The bellboy kept, and the total is $29. Where did the missing dollar go???


1. 50:50

2. Call a friend

3. Audience

u r in a hot seat....

Nikam ina gepe ina shan pepsi

by Nazeef Muh'd Zangina

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8 months ago

very good writing,,,,,,,,,,dear friend

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