Women's education and national development.

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Men have never been victorious without the cooperation of women.Women are a huge part of the human race.At one time women were helpless.But women crossed that dark path.But now In human society, both men and women have equal rights.Both must move forward in parallel in the development of the country and the nation.And for that we have to ensure the education of women.
Education is needed to develop the sense of humanity in mankind.Education shows people the way to light.Education is first and foremost for the development of a country and a nation.An educated mother can educate her child well.The role of women as well as men is important from family life to national life.So men as well as women need to be educated.A woman can make herself worthy through education.There is no question of leaving women behind.Therefore, for the overall development of the country and the nation, emphasis must be placed on women's education.
Developed-country women's education position is at its highest today.Therefore, the position of women in all fields is very strong.Because in developed countries there is no difference between men and women.In developed countries, women are not dependent on men but in many cases women have surpassed men.
Women society can take a country to the peak of development.Therefore, for the development of the nation, women must be educated.Today's children are the captains of tomorrow.And the ideal mom needed to raise these children.
Women contribute more than men in education.Because the role of the mother is the most to raise the child.The importance of education is immense to make a woman self-reliant.At present a woman is not confined to the home but they are engaged in all professions.Even women currently rule many countries.Now there is no chance to neglect women.
Educated women can contribute a lot to build a country.From the past, women have been playing a direct and indirect role for the country.In the world's greatest work, women are moving forward in tandem with men.Even during war, women help directly and indirectly.
How many steps can we take to spread women's education?
In order to accelerate the overall development of a country, emphasis should be laid on women's education.Because the development of the country is never possible without women's education.We can take several steps for this.

1)Necessary educational institutions should be set up for the spread of women's education

2)We have to ensure the safety of women

3)Care should be taken so that there is no torture on the students

4)Women should be encouraged to get education

5)Parents need to be made aware about the education of girls

6)Educational institutions should be set up for older women

7)Women's education should be spread through social awareness

8)Appropriate stipends for women's education should be properly utilized

Governments in smaller countries can take a number of steps to promote women's education.Such as providing free education to women,Give them scholarships And arrange special schools for women.Only if women are educated will they be able to keep pace with men in the society.
Once upon a time women were confined to the house.Far from the light of education, they could not see the light of the sun.Women have enlightened the country in the light of their established education.Even the country is improving for the betterment of women.The contribution of women's education is much higher in increasing the rate of education in the country.It is for the motivation of women that men have succeeded in all the great deeds in the world.Therefore, women's education is most necessary for the betterment of the nation.

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Nice article keep it up

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Women have never been helpless. They were the first farmers in the world, able to find and collect food. Men, religion, society made women helpless and still predicts they are stupid, can't learn, drive a car, are not able to think, calculate. Equal rights? It's a big joke. Those equal rights are only there in the name. Women are still used as slaves, earn fewer even if they do the same job. They are the first being sacked even if they are the breadwinner.

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