My Jinn friend! (part-2)

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The incident is related to my previous incident.People have not read my previous story. I am giving the link of the previous story again.

I recounted in my previous story the story of a jinn who had been with me since childhood.The rest of the story I will narrate today

I had no problem for many years after the jinn left me.

A few days ago we moved into a new flat.Although there is no problem from the beginning, why is it that the problem starts to happen again like before.At first we did not pay any attention to it, but gradually the problems became more acute.

My brother has been married for one year.We all live together.My brother had a baby a month ago.That’s basically why we change flats.My nephew cried a lot every day since he got up in the flat. There was no way he could stop crying.None of us slept properly in the flat.As soon as we slept, it seemed that someone was looking at us.We always tried to sleep with the lights off in all the rooms.Occasionally, when I woke up, I could see that the room light was on.It looked like someone was walking into a dining room.At first we thought it was someone from our family.But one day my mother woke up at night and saw no one in the dining room and saw all the chairs in the dining room upside down.

My mother could slowly realize the problem but didn’t tell any of us anything.One day when my nephew woke up, I saw many marks on his body.When I show it to my sister-in-law she doesn't understand what really happened because she takes care of her baby a lot.Last week my brother went out of the country because of business.My parents also went to visit the village.Only at home I had my sister-in-law and her baby.We ate early that day and fell asleep.Around three o'clock at night I woke up to the sound of humming.At first I didn't understand but gradually I realized that the voice was coming from my sister in law's room.I immediately ran there.I was not at all ready to see the scene there.

My sister-in-law hangs her baby upside down.I ran to save my nephew and saw that my sister-in-law was bleeding.I quickly sprinkled water on my sister-in-law's head and tried to regain her senses.When she regained consciousness, she hugged me and started crying.Later we all go to my room and sit all night with the lights on.My sister-in-law cried all night.The next morning I was shocked to hear what my sister-in-law was describing.She said that after she had eaten and slept last night, she suddenly felt that something was looking at her.She felt the touch on different parts of her body and suddenly woke up to the sound of her baby crying.But when she woke up, she saw that her baby was sleeping.Just as she was about to fall asleep again, something grabbed her by the throat.My sister-in-law couldn't breathe even after hundreds of attempts.She opens her eyes and sees that someone in her husband's form is sitting on her and holding her by the throat but where her husband is out of the country last week.No matter how loud my sister-in-law called me for help, I could hear no sound.Suddenly that thing blended into her body.My sister-in-law couldn't remember any thing after that.That same day we went to the house of one of our relatives and informed my mother about the incident.

The next day my mother brought the saintly father from the village who had removed the jinn from my body many more years ago.As soon as he enters our house, he understands whose work it is.He told everyone except me and my mother to get out of the house.Then he came and asked us to sit on the floor and started reciting.

After 5 minutes the whole room went cold.We could feel the existence of something else besides us.Suddenly we hear a voice.Someone from the side started talking.That was that jinn.

My jinn friend.

He started talking to the master.Saintly father asks her why she has come back.She says she can never leave me.Suddenly came and blended into me.She had complete control over my body.She says she'll kill me if she's not allowed to stay with me and then I started hurting myself.Immediately, the master imprisoned Tin Jin in a bottle.My head was bleeding.My mother was crying.We were all trapped in the room for about an hour and everyone outside was hearing screaming from the room.

When I regained consciousness, I found out that the jinn had been bottled up by the lord and taken away with him, and that before he left, she had said that if she could ever run away, she would kill everyone in our family.Then we left the country.

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