My Jinn Friend!

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A variety of paranormal events have occurred to me since childhood.The fact that I will share the work with you is a true story and about my life.I was sick most of the time after birth.

Since I was sick,people in my family were always tense for me.One day I got very sick and my mother took me to a saintly father.From then on, my family's worries increased tenfold, but they never let me know.I learned all the facts at the age of 13.I have had a jinn with me since birth.

Isn't that a very scary thing?I don't think so.

The reason I am telling you now.At first my story spread around and for that reason I had no friends.Everyone was afraid to join me.So I had to be alone almost all day.

One day I fell into a pond playing alone.I didn't know how to swim then.The pond was very deep.But surprisingly I fell into the pond I wasn’t going to drown.I realized that a force was pushing me from the bottom to the top.That's when I realized I had a jinn with me.I came home and told my mother about the incident.My mother got very scared and took me to that saintly father.He said that now is the time to let me know everything I have a gene with me and he will never harm me but he will always be with me.

My mother could not accept the matter and she started crying.But to me the matter seemed quite amusing.I have said before that I have not had any friends since childhood.I made the Jinn my friend.

I used to play with him all the time since then.In this way many years passed.She became a very good friend of mine.My friend would bring me anything I needed.Everyone in my family was very worried about this.It is heard that if a girl jinn likes a man then they take that man to their world and marry him there.My mother was always scared about this.Everything started happening exactly the way my mother thought.

That jinn started to like me.

Thus a few more years passed.One day the jinn took me to her world.When everyone woke up in the morning and didn't find me, everyone was worried.The news quickly spread throughout the village.My mother called that saint father.From there, when I returned home, I found out that I had been missing for three days.That's when my mother decided not to keep the jinn with me anyway.

Since then, various problems began to appear.The Jinn started talking to everyone in my family.She told my mother If she was taken away from me she will kill me.This made my mother even more scared.But my mother is a brave woman.My mother understands that she has to do something now.

The next morning my mother called that saintly father and took me to a room when I went there.I don't remember anything after entering the room.

I regained consciousness two days later and learned from my family members what had happened that day.After entering the room, everyone heard my screams.I was in the room for five long hours.By no means did jinn want to move away from me.Saintly father tells her that if she does not move away from me, he will make her his slave.She didn't want to go either.In the end she agrees to move away from me and promises never to disturb me again.But she occasionally asked permission to visit me.

I haven't had any problems since then but occasionally I feel the existence of something in my sleep.

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