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I was telling you in the last story where a jinn disturbed me a lot.

Last week a saintly father helped me get out of that jinn.We all thought the problem ended there because he took the jinn with him.

Suddenly I got the news that he died three or four days ago.His body was found in a critical condition.We have no one left to understand that it is the work of that bad jinn.Everyone in our family has been terrified since he died.It happened the day before yesterday when I was asleep and dreamed that someone was tying me up and torturing me a lot.A flood of blood was flowing in front of me.A black shadow was walking around me.5 people were hanging upside down in front of me.Later that black shadow cut the throats of 5 people one by one.I started screaming in fear.After a while, that black shadow appeared in front of me with the heads of 5 people.He kept them in front of me and chewed them.I was screaming that let me go.I could not understand the look of the shadow.When he finished eating, he got up and suddenly opened my arms and legs.Suddenly he inserted the rod between my hands and feet.I was screaming in pain.After a while I heard a familiar voice.The shadow began to speak to me.SHe tells me that she killed the father.Now she has come to kill me and my whole family.I realized then that I was completely in her grip.She started hitting me very hard and grabbed me by the throat.He inserted his fingernails into my neck.I couldn't breathe and realized I was going to die in a moment.

Suddenly I hear another voice and I somehow open my eyes and see a man wearing white Punjabi.The man came up to me and grabbed the black shadow and threw it away from me.Immediately everything around began to clear up and I moved into a much more beautiful garden.There he asked me if I was OK.And he apologized to me that he could not come in time.I didn't understand what was really going on and I asked him who he was.Then he tells me that he has a responsibility to protect me.The saintly father leaves him with this responsibility before he dies.He forbade me to be afraid and said that he will always be with me from now on and if there is any problem he will always watch me and my family.He said goodbye to me.Immediately I woke up and I could see scars all over my body and my body was hurting a lot.I saw that blood was coming from my neck.

I was terrified and I told my mother everything.My mother immediately took me to one of the disciples of that master.He tells my mom that there is nothing to be afraid of but if the guy wearing that white Punjabi had come a little late maybe the bad jinn could have killed me.

After coming from there I fall asleep because I Was so tired an my whole body was in pain.That white guy appeared in my dream again.He told me never to be afraid and taught me some prayers.Then hopefully that jinn day won't do me any harm.Then he told me these things and left.

I slept for several hours.When I woke up, I saw that there was no one in the house.Everyone went to my sister in law's house.I woke up and went to the kitchen to make tea.When I entered into the room, I saw a man in a black sheet sitting on the bed, who looks like a bird.Her nails were very big.The whole thing is like that dream of mine.Immediately realized that this is the jinn.I wanted to talk but couldn't. I was shaking and the cup of tea fell out of my hand.Suddenly she came into my body and disappeared.Then everything around me went dark again and I went and sat down in a place like my dream. My arms and legs were tied and I was not able to move.A flood of blood began to flow around me again.There I could hear loud screams which were a lot scarier.I was terrified and suddenly I remembered the man in white Punjabi telling me that if I was not afraid she would not be able to do anything to me.I started reciting the prayer taught by him in my mind and suddenly he came in front of me.He came in front of me and started beating the bad jinn hard.There was no way that bad genie could escape.He almost killed her by hitting her and then she told that she would never do anything like this to me, let her go this time.The man in the white Punjabi cut off bad jinns finger and said he would kill her if she came here again.She apologizes to me and I tell her not to do any harm to my family so she agrees and leaves.The man wearing white Punjabi comes to me in my dreams every day and asks about my condition.He further informs me that he has left the bad jinn far away from where she will never be able to come to me again.He talked to my mother and said not to be worried.

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