Bengali New Year

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Pohela Boishakh is the first day of the Bengali year.Just waiting for a night after sunset at the end of last year.Then the first sunrise of the new year in the eastern sky.We have to move forward, leaving behind the days of sorrows, pains, successes and failures, joys and sorrows, and looking forward to a better future.Celebrating the first day of Bengali New Year or Pahela Baishakh is one of the leading Bengali rituals.Bengali New Year is a joint festival of all Bengalis irrespective of religion and caste.

The history of the birth and development of the Bengali nation in Bangladesh shows that the civilization and culture of the Gangetic delta region was formed on the basis of folklore festivals.The Bengali year was no exception.There have been various festivals in our country since ancient times.The birth of the Bengali year Bangapat is closely associated with these festivals.Akbar was the most successful emperor among the Mughal emperors.He directed the creation of the first Bengali year.

He directed the introduction of this year with a view to facilitating the collection of rent from the farmers.Initially, the first Baishakh was observed in the month of Agrahayan, but later it was observed on the first Baishakh.

The introduction of the Bengali year is a memorable event in the life of Bengalis.Bengali workflow has a huge impact on the Bengali New Year.Bengali Life Journey Festival Events Pala-Parvan Business-Trade Happy Halkhata Daily activities of paying rent are done according to the date and time of the Bengali year.Nowadays we use the Christian year in our daily activities so we have forgotten the Bengali year a bit.

Bengalis today take spontaneity in the Bengali New Year.Pahela Boishakh is celebrated not only in the villages but also in the cities.Students of Charukla Institute welcome the new year by participating in the Baishakhi rally.On this day, the main dress of Bengalis is Punjabi and the girls wear sari.

To celebrate the Bengali New Year in every house of agriculturally dependent Bangladesh in a very pompous manner.On the last night of the month of Chaitra, the housewives cook more rice and add water to it.The next morning everyone is allowed to eat it with big fish, green chillies and onions and a variety of mashed potatoes.Especially eating panta and hilsa fish has become a New Year tradition.It was originally started in the early eighties.Nowadays it is organized in almost every house.Bengali New Year is a joyous day in the history and tradition of the Bengali nation.Everybody celebrates this day in a festive atmosphere every year.Various ceremonies were held on this occasion.Such as Baishakhi Mela,Halkhata, Punyah, these are the public events of Bengalis on the occasion of New Year.

On the occasion of the first Baishakh, the most notable fair in the country is the Baishakhi Mela.The fair sells pottery and cottage industries.People of different professions bring their products to the fair and sell them.In addition, the fairgrounds are bustling with merry-go-rounds, bioscopes, lotteries, magic shows, puppet dances, etc.The main attraction of the people at the Baishakhi fair is the sweet shop.

Bengali New Year is associated not only with culture but also with economics.On the first day of Baishakh, the merchants calculate the arrears of the whole year and open a new account book called Halakhata.On this day the traders feed sweets to all the buyers.

Another historical event of Pohela Boishakh is the Punnyah which is now extinct.This custom is now occasionally seen in remote areas of villages.

Bengali New Year or Pahela Boishakh brings new life to the cities and metropolises.Panta-ilish and various dishes are prepared in almost every house in the city.People in the city celebrate the New Year in a more grand manner than in the villages.Almost all the women wear basanti colored saris and the men wear Punjabi-pajamas.

The Bengali New Year actually carries a continuous indication of the transformation of our nature.In the month of Baishakh, there are many crop lands where it is not possible to irrigate due to lack of water, so people have to wait for the rains in the month of Baishakh.In the month of Baishakh, heavy rains and tornadoes destroy everything, so the villagers repair their raw or semi-finished houses.The month of Baishakh is the month of mango and jackfruit.In nature, greenery can be seen. At this time, farmers sow rice, vegetables and seeds of various fruits in the field.In the trees, the call of the wings is heard all around.

New Year inspires people to work with new endeavors.Bengali New Year inspires people to move forward with a dream of new hope.

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