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My daily dairy 1: Free is the most expensive thing.

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2 years ago

Helo guys this was my yesterday diary notes. From today i will be posting my daily dairy notes. Where my  topic will be about something very specific for the  day.

So for today my first diary topic will be about things which are free. Which we dont  need money for.

The story goes like this.

Today  morning i went out to buys some bread from one of my local grocery shop. People were standing in queue maintaining  social distance . With mask on their faces other wears glove too.

There was around 5 people i was just next to a  middle age lady. She was buying some dough, potatoes and dry chilli. The shopkeeper had packed all other item except the dry chilli. He was trying to put the chilli inside the plastic bag to weight but the bag was too small so he later change it to a newspaper.

Here is the conversation  that goes around.

Shopkeeper : madam the bag is too small let me change to a newspaper sheet

Lady : sure make sure newspaper fits it.

Shopkeeper : surely it will. I just left few  here . Let me see if there is any.

(So here is the interesting part)

Lady : i have some old newspaper at my home. You can have it if you need it. You can take it for free.

Shopkeeper : (with happy face) sure every free stuff is welcome. You can bring it anytime .

Lady : okay  but you have to come at my house to collect it. Its a big bundle.

Shopkeeper : OMG its going to be the most expensive thing for me then.

(Every one was confuse about his word.including me. Confuse about what he mean to say)

Lady : (with surprise) why is that? I am not charging any money. You can take it for free

Shopkeeper : Madam it not about the cost of the newspaper. Its about my fuel. It going to cost me a lot just to get your free newspaper.

(Every thing depend on the current situation . Amids lockdown the fuel price have increased drastically out here . Also here is scarcity of fuel.)

Everyone out there start laughing. I bought my bread and came home .while walking down the road it came to my mind that "free is the most expensive thing today."

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Written by   54
2 years ago
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Ha Ha. you writing pattern is straight forward and easy simple word.. if i was at the place of shopkeeper then i would tell her to take those paper when you will come to my shop again.

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2 years ago

Haha nice idea why didnit i think that before. Lol it was such a funny scene doen the shop. I can still remeber it

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2 years ago