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World is decentralizing. Decentralization is not a new term but it gaining more people attention now. We have heard of decentralised currency like cryotocurrency also decentralized social media such as uptrends,  and newly reddit community. Here another term called decentralized search engine came out . happen to be the first decentralized search engine.

What is

Presearch Is An Open, Decentralized Search Engine. They reward each  Members With Presearch Tokens which is an ethereum based cryotocurrency token.It has an Innovative Go-To-Market Strategy To Target The Most Frequent Searchers – Web Workers – And Gain Early Adoption.

Here is my referal link to join

They reward  their members for using their search engine . Members are awarded in a token  called PRE TOKEN. Mainly for searching, browsing through theire search engine and also Promoting their platform to different area and environment.

What is pre token?

Pre token is an ethereum based cryptocurrency token Owned by presearch rewarded to its users for using their platform. 

Members are awarded 0.25 PRE TOKEN per search they perform through their search engine.They have a limited daily distribuition of 8 pre token per users.which means users will be awarded up to 32 search they perform i.e 0.25×32=8. After 32 search user will not be awardes  token but they can still use it without rewards. Which will again be eligible in the  next 24 hours.They are reducing the number of token from 1 billion to max 500 million PRE token . And this will support the growth of the Presearch ecosystem between 2020 and  2021.

Pre token worth about 0.02$ in todays market value.

How to create presearch account?

Its very simple follow the steps

  • Go to the website

  • Click on signup button

  • Enter your username,email, strong password

  • Confirm you are not a robot

  • Click signup button

  • Confirm your email from the link they send to your email acount.

Key word staking.

Unlike other search engine like crome,firefox presearch provide users ability  to stake  keyword. Which is one of the reason why i like presearch.user can used its pre token for committing a specific keyword so that their ads shows up at the top of search engine. And allow the to engaged more trafic. The more toke  they bit for staking the longer theire ads shows up and more traffic they engaged.

How to withdraw pre token?

Presearch has a blockchain-based PRE token. This token is built on an open source, transparent and decentralized platform called ethereum.

Members are eligible to withdraw their pre token only when they reach 1000 PRE TOKEN in their account.  They also have different withdrawal eligibility level             (1-10).where withdrawal of token can be done up to 100 % of your collectes token.such as 50% of your collectes token when you are in level 5.

Token can be withdrawed to any ethereum ERC20 compatable wallet like MYETHERWALLET, MYCRYPTO WALLET, METAMASK etc.

For more detail you can see in this link

In order to keep your pre token secure they need to keep their private key secret and safe,should used updated verison of anitivirus software.set up stronger password mainly two factor authentication password.

My final thought

Its not a lot of token that you can make every day .It may take some time to accumulate token till you reach certain level. But it worth getting some  free token in our wallet just for searching which we usually do every day

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