CYBERFM: The only Radio streaming app that pay in cryptocurrency

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Earning money listening to radio !!! sound strange right, and that too in cryptocurrency. yes, CYBERFM pays its users just for listening radio using their application. So far i find this is the only radio app that pays its listeners in lets dive into the cyberfm application.

what is cyberfm?

As mentioned above cyberfm is a radio streaming network that pays its listener in cryptocurrency. We will be talking about what cryptocurrency that pay in the latter section. The only way to make use of this app/website is by listening unlimited radio streaming network daily and get paid for the amount of time you listen in their native cryptocurrency token called "CYFM". The more you listen the more you earn as simple as that.

Currently cyberfm is available for android, IOS ,SDK and even as web app. They offer 24/7 streaming service with many handpicked partner podcast ,their own insta tune, news, live music etc. There is also another program called MFTU(Mainstream for the underground) but this is meant for the artist only.

How to earn and withdraw from cyberfm?

Well this is the main section for this article. easily earning can be done just by listening any of the offered radio streaming network but If we goes little deeper earning on cyberfm can be done on three different blockchain network.

1) ERC20 blockchain network

This is the most common and easy method of earning cyfm token. if a user want to earn and withdraw their cyfm in ERC20 token then once they install the app they have to select the ERC20 legacy option while creating an account as easy as that. once they create an account under ERC20 blockchain they need to past their ERC20 address(metamask/trustwallet) where their payment would be send monthly. There is a tier system in the earning process which determine the amount of cyfm token earn per streaming.

Erc20 contarct address 0x4a621d9f1b19296d1C0f87637b3A8D4978e9bf82

Newbie eth legacy: this tier is for new users who have just start using the app.

Bronze eth legacy: this tier is for listener who have already earn at least 1000000 cyfm token

Silver eth legacy: listener required 10000000 cyfm token

Gold eth legacy: listener required 50000000 cyfm token

Platinum eth legacy:listener required 150000000 cyfm token

Ruby eth legacy: listener required 500000000 cyfm token.

Diamond eth legacy: listener required 1000000000 cyfm token

Payment is done monthly and at the starting of each month. user need to pay some eth gas fee in order to received in their wallet.

2) TRC20 blockchain network

Earning on trc20 is little bit different as it required adding of liquidity token . for this a user need atlist 130 lp token. lp token can be obtain by adding cybfm/trx liquidity in . once the liquidity token is obtain you need to enter the trx wallet address used while adding the liquidity during the opening of new account after selecting the trc20 blockchain option.

Trc20 contract address TZ5jA9F5zGRgi9qk9ATMu6D7wyEpnxQGJh

Withdrawal in trc20 is also done monthly but the payment is send manually from the cybfm team. so user do not need any withdrawal request for this.

3) BSC blockchain network

Earning on BSC network is quite similar to trx network users. but in this case user need to hold at least 1lp token by adding cyfm/BNB liquidity to pancakeswap.Then once lP token is obtain select the bsc blockchain option while opening the account and paste the BSC address that hold the lP token.

BSC contract address 0x9001fd53504f7bf253296cffadf5b6030cd61abb

Withdrawal is similar to trx network as it is done manually since both trx and BSC network are in beta stage.

CYFM token trading

Since cybfm token is based under three different blockchain. trading is done separately and has its own different value according to the type of blockchain associated with.

For ERC 20 token trading can be done in Uniswap, fatbtc and Mercatox

For trc20 token trading can be done only in justswap

For BSC token trading can be done in pancakeswap(v2) and MDEX(BSC)


CYBERFM also have a referral system where user who sign up using another referral code will get a change to get free cyfm token by spinning a wheel. And the amount of token they get depends on their luck as it depends on the time of listening with max being 120min.

Anyone who want to give it a try can sign up here CYBERFM and enter the referral code INo5MR7vOoRg8963495

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Have you ever got withdrawal?? Actually my opinion about these app is bitter. I was using a app he also was paying in cryptocurrency but later i came to know that they have limit. And withdraw in my country is impossible. After that i got some nagative impression about these apps.

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2 years ago

yes i already paid for august. you can see it from the screenshoot. you need transactionm fee to claim your payment

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2 years ago

I really? Maybe. But i deleted everything uninstalled the app

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2 years ago

you can install using my referal and try again. it pays monthly.

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2 years ago

Okay sure i would install it.

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2 years ago