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Hi guys its fresh wednesday evening out here.  Ummm Ahhhhhhhhh !!! freshh airrrr lol

Does the title sounds realy weird !! No it doesn't.So have you ever thought of using your hard earn cryptocurrency to spend in your daily real life for buying food,clothes etc.just like you do with your cash. Here i am bringing you that opportunity. With the help of MONOLITH visa card all that imagination will come true. I first heard this from one of the youtube channel so i thought of sharing about it.


Previously called Token card , Monolith is a decentralized banking replacement platform build in Ethereum inorder to replace regular normal bank account with an Ethereum based version. It is a blockchain community that allows cryprocurrency payment with the help of token debit card. Its debit card allows us to spend our ETH and ERC20 TOKEN in real life . Just like we did using our debit card everywhere either in mall,shops, medical stores etc . It is currently ranked #546 in the crypto market with a market value of 0.17$

Monolith cards are  a non-custodial contract wallet to secure crypto assets. You are the one who is complete control of your assets stored in your contract wallet

History behind

Monolith is a token company based on london where Token is the trading name of Token Group Limited . Monolith also has a token by the same name called Monolith(TKN)

Available country

Monolith is  currently available only in 31 different countries across Europe. Till now  it is mean only  for european citizen but they said that  US citizen can also apply  and they are also planning to expand in US . So for time being , for every American citizen looking to get a cryptocurrency debit card, its better to  check the available crypto debit card list .

Monolith visa card features

 Being a visa card  it supports EUR and GBP and  also supports Google Pay! Its core element are

  • Token contract wallet to secure our crypto asset

  • Token card which enable the real life payment system,ATM withdrawal

  • Token app

Because of this feature we can use it anywhere where VISA-cards are accepted and withdraw cash from more than 34 million cash machines across the globe.

Where to get the card ?

Shipping of the card is available in UK and all 31 country in europe

Here is the monolith app download link

Fees for using the card

There no charge for using this card . Every thing is for free . No setup fee, no activation fee, nor domestic point of sale fees. But they cover only  1% top-up depending on the token we used.


So if you have some crypto assets of your own and are from those place where monolith visa card is available. I strongly recommend to graps one. Because  you will be  the only one who is the  boss for buying your real life items.since i am not from that  area this information is mean for those people who are  from that place of availability but haven't heard about it before.

I had publish the same article at publish0x.

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