Blogging and cryptocurrency how is it related

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Blogging and cryptocurrency ar two different terminology. How can they be related ? Cryptocurrency are not like our real cash."This is one of the few question i got from many peoples .They thought that cryptocurrency are only mean for investment ,buying and trading. My answer to them is "yes you can even earn from blogging and are very much the same as you are earning in cash"

People love blogging as it helps in bringing different people together under one community. And also help readers and writers free from stres and enjoy theire real life.on the other side blogging help them earn some money writing cool content. Which one is your type? 

For me its both the type. Writing cool content and engaging people to read my blog or article need our own creativity and talent. For our effort we can get some compensation as a token of encourangement which is very this token is now in term of digital currency called cryptocurrency rather then by cash. Which people find it quite hard to understand the possibility

So now blogging and crytocurrency are very much  related directly. As i am interested in cryptocurrency at the same time as a earn money online maniac.i try to answer people question when i search on google to find the link between blog and cryptocurrency i found this two site publish0x and in a one are called also also another wonderful cryptocurrency related blogging site.

i went through each content and got some idea and thought to give a try by myself. So that i can give a practical reply. As i join both the platform few days back i was really shocked to see the achievement i got within this few days. I can't believe myself that i have now owned differet type of  cryptocurrency at such young age lol. Thanks to the idea of blogging.Yes, people you can earn cryptocurrency  just by blogging  in your own favourite ways and interest. It comes out that blogging and cryptocurrency are closely related now.

Just like you get traffic from blogging and get some income from google adsense. Similarly publish0x and are also doing the same. The Only difference in this type of blogging is that you are paid in cryptocurrency instead of real cash.

I also found that blogging in this platform is mainly concerned with cryptocurrency . But at the same time we can also blog our own interest either travel, food, poem etc.people who are eager to earn crytocurrency and who are realy enthusiatic in blogging these two platform are the best.

Hence now with blogging we can earn different types of cryptocurrency. The only thing is how good your contentwriting skill is. Otherwise blogging and cryptocurrency are now a very close neighbour.who knows in days to come cryptocurrency will be the new cash of common people.

Here i am just highlighting many people confusion about blog and cryptocurrency.hope this will clear some of the confusion. Looking forward for more article on how to monitize on your owm blog with cryptocurrency in details.

I had publish the same article at publish0x also.

Thank you for reading.

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3 years ago