Being a crypto enthusiatic

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2 years ago

It was a few days back that i was out of the cryptocurrency world . Without any ABC knowledge of cryptocurrency. Yes! I am just 32 days old in cryptocurrency world. Just like a grown up baby who dont have a fear and eager to taste everything. I am in my full energy to explore everything in this ecosystem.

It seems like Cryptocurrency is my new relation LOL.Whenever i wake up i think about it first. Think about what new thing might have came up lately.what new idea can i learn today? What will i learn tomorrow? All this thought wasn't in my mind before i came to community. is just like my cryptocurrency school of thought. I came everyday, every hour , every minute to check out what is new in this platform. I am the student, people around here is my classmate, good writers are our teachers,community is our classroom ans i our institution.

We are paying this institution with out support by following their instruction and tiping all the good author who teach us lot of useful knowledge. Ans is rewarding us for our service in turn in BCH. I am one of the and BCH fan now. Never thought things will change like this. Thank you

Long live , long live communities. Crypto will cope the world

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