An application/website that pays in bitcoin sharing internet bandwidth!! PART-2

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Good evening guys!! There is a lot going on the internet as nothing is free in this world. The internet we are using is not for free as we pay bill for this. so why not make use of it and try to get back our monthly internet bill and earn some passive income from our free and unused internet bandwidth. YES, FROM THE INTERNET BANDWIDTH ONLY!! So this is the second part of my article regarding the topic earn crypto from internet bandwidth. and my first article was published yesterday regarding the topic about a website called . check out here PART-1. In this article i am bring you one of the most popular website/app that pay users in crypto from sharing an unused internet bandwidth. so what is this website/app? how popular is it? is that a scam/ legit? lets find out.

what is the website/application we are talking about? is the one of the most popular website that pays its users for sharing there unused internet bandwidth. it is said to have been the first website that pay users for sharing an unused internet bandwidth. but compare to others honeygain has somewhat more advance feature and is more users friendly. what makes people attract more attention on honeygain is due to its introduction of bitcoin payment feature in late 2020. with the introduction of Bitcoin payment system the payout requests in BTC is said to have been increased by 3% in February and by up 30% of all payments currently.

Here my thorough research on the website

I have been using honeygain for almost a month and a half with four device connected on my account, 3 cellular and 1 laptop with content delivery enable on it. And to my experience it is one of the most popular and trusted internet bandwidth sharing site so far. so far i have earn about 12$ till now and this is what I have found.

From scam-detector

From scam-detector here is what i found . The website ranking is very impressive with a popularity ranking of 5540 from Alexa. Honeygain is said to have been launched in 2019 and is already 2 years old. and within a short span of two years its popularity level is quite amazing.

Besides it has a trust score of 90.40% which is really an excellent remark for a website like this.

From trust pilot

on trust pilot the user rating is of satisfactory remark with the overall rating above 4.0 and with 64% of it being an excellent rating.

Features available on honeygain

Honeygain provides its users different way to earn from sharing internet bandwith. It also allows users to earn a random amount of credit/money for those users who constantly use honeygain app daily. From a minimum of 10 credit(0.01$) to 10000 credit(10$). But mostly i got a max up to 100 credit(.10$) but varies everyday. Sometimes honeygain Facebook page also conduct random reward/giveaway section for its users. one of the most appealing feature of honeygain is its newly introduced CONTENT DELIVERY PROGRAM which allows its users to earn more by share their intensive content such as images, videos, audio, heavy websites, IPTV, VoIP, etc. This is an additional feature which we find only on honeygain and is meant only for desktop/laptop application. but the fact is Content delivery is currently available only on some selected country .

Payment and earning calculation

what make honeygain attract a lots of users and traffic in their short period of 2 years is mainly because of their payment features. Initially honeygain allows users to withdraw their payout only through PayPal. but latter in 2020 they have added BITCOIN payment feature. which makes the payment increases drastically through bitcoin and coincidently bitcoin price sour up to triple times by the late 2020 . so yes users can earn Bitcoin from Honeygain just by sharing there unused daily internet bandwidth. Fair enough!!!!!

Here is the monthly earning calculation according to honeygain

According to their calculation meter a user can earn a minimum 7$ with only 1 device and 1 IP connected per account with content delivery enable on it. Here one thing to be noted is that unlike peer2profit honeygain allows only 2 devices connected in 1IP under one account. and they allows a maximum of only 10 devices connected per account but should be under different IP address. in a family of 5 there may be 5 cellular mobile devices having 5 different IP address so a user of this family can connect 5 devices under the same account. if they have laptop/ pc that will help them earn more compare to cellular devices as content delivery will also be eligible and it will enable them to earn up to 6 credit per hour.

Payment threshold is minimum of 20$. honeygain payment is done through a system called credit where 10 MB of data you share, equals 1 credit(0.001$) and for sharing 100MB data you get 10 credit (0.01$). hence in order to get paid you need to have 20,000 credits, which equates to $20. So, Honeygain pays $1 per 10 GB of data used which is quite low compare to peer2profit but things works on such way.

if you are new in the site and want to give honeygain a try then join from the website Honeygain.

Enjoy your earning!!!!

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