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1 year ago

I am sure we all have the first page we visit whenever we visit this platform. Some people check their notifications first while some check if the random rewarder has tipped them. Some people also check some various things that I can't even remember now. I am a very busy person. I usually don't have enough time to always come and read articles here and that is why I just read all my articles and post at once then I will know that I will come back there the next day. Maybe that is why the random rewarder has not started visiting me. Who knows? whenever I visit this platform, the first place I always love to go is my notification box. my notification box first if I come here. also I want to know the people who have been reading or appreciating my works. I also want to know who have posted out of all the people that I am subscribing to. The notification box is so special to me and at the same time makes me scared sometimes. Why? it is because I don't know what I will see in the notification box. whenever I see the red light on the notification my mind thinks of a lot of things. I will begin to think if the random rewarder has tipped me or something big has happened to my account.

After checking my notification box, I always love to go to my homepage. It is just so unfortunate that I don't have enough time to spend here. If I do I would have read a lot of articles and you all must have noticed that there is someone who loves to read on the platform. I'm sorry. Time would not permit me. I have promised myself to read more than ten articles birthday which I have not been able to achieve. I have only achieved to read nine articles everyday. Don't worry, I will create time for this wonderful platform. I would have loved to read articles every midnight but that is my only resting period. If I deprive myself of sleep, I won't be active the next day.

Lastly, the place I am always scared to visit on this platform is "Write an article". There are many times that I would not know what to write like it is happening to me right now but I will just come up with one idea. I have been here for a while but I have not been using my account because I am so busy but I just decided to find the right time to begin to use the account. Now is the time. Also, one man food is another man poison. What I love is not what someone else loves. The fact that I do not really like to visit "write an article" does not mean other people don't like to visit it too.

So, what page are you always scared to visit?

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I always love to visit write an article cos that's where my ideas come in. That's where I get to pour out my mind and allow people to know what's on my mind.

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