I've Missed Y'all.

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1 year ago
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I have always had a beautiful time here. It saddens my heart that I left here sometime ago. Why did I leave? I eft because I did not understand readcash. I was so used to noisecash because I used to make a lot of money on it. I got to a stage where I make more than $10 per day on noisecash. I dedicated all my time to noisecash and a lot of things changed. The earnings became very small and I became demotivated. For sometime, I could not do anything online. One thing I learnt from that is we should not put our heads in one basket. Having just one source of income is bad. We need to have other sources of income if truly we want to make something reasonable online. The same thing also applied to offline business.

My little sister asked me yesterday if I have a readcash account. I said yes but I've not been using it. She then taught me how to make use of the platform and here I am. I'm back. I have nowhere to go again. Before I logged into my account, we read the rules and regulations and we realized that more than three people should not have a readcash account in a household. Since we are just two, nothing will happen to our accounts.

I began to think of what to write but before writing anything, I made up my mind to apologize for running away for close to a year and now coming back to apologize. I know I'm the prodigal daughter but please, accept me back. Since, I'm back, I will be giving you interesting gists about how my day went. I will share my daily experiences with you all. Majorly, I will write about the things happening to me.

I also wish to make friends here and share opportunities of earning with you all. I'm also here for more opportunities. I can't know it all.

Let's start from here🙂

I will see you all some other time❤️.

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