Some tips to stay happy!

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Hello Everyone! How are you?

It's me Abir. And now I am going to share some tips to keep you happy.

Who doesn't want to be happy? We all want to be as happy as anyone. The key is in your own hands. No matter how many friends you have every day, you can make your own way. This advice was given by Mekhla Sarkar, an associate professor at the National Institute of Mental Health.

1. No more negative thoughts
Tomorrow's exam and tonight you have thousands of worries, most of which are negative. Keep yourself away from such thoughts in very simple language. Don't just think that way, stay away from negative people and discussions. Because, you will understand your own scope, there is nothing to be easily influenced by the words of others.

2. Do not compare yourself with others
‘He has it, why don’t I have it’ such thoughts reduce your own mental strength. Even in the long run frustration will work in you. So remember, not everyone's talent is the same. Some may have talents in studies, some in sports. So try to develop your talent.

3. Stay positive
The way you do it, the result will be the same. Keep this in mind and start working. Reassure yourself without worrying about what will happen on the last afternoon. Every event has two aspects — positive and negative. Try to always find the positive aspects. You will see the good side of it yourself.

4. Proper food and sleep
Body and mind are dependent on each other. So try to follow a certain routine. Such as moderate amounts of food and sleep. In addition, you can do physical exercise or yoga every morning or evening. This alleviates a lot of anxiety.

5. Love yourself
Learn to love yourself first. Set aside some time for yourself. Don't have your favorite person? Don't get yourself busy! Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! Or cook something for everyone in the family right away.

6. Enjoy time with family and friends
Spend time with friends or family. Talk to them. Both sides will be happy. There are many things that we feel more comfortable expressing to a friend than to a loved one. So come out with the friend man for a while.

7. Let some things go
Get rid of clutter you don't need. Think about the time in each task and think, 'Something good is waiting ahead.'

8. Be grateful
When you return home at the end of the day, think about how successful you are. There are many, just struggling to get your life.

9. Collaboration with others
Many people have trouble using the people next door. But try to think about why that man did that. It is possible to do so out of empathy. So try to understand the problems of others without always looking at your own affairs.

10. Have confidence in yourself
However, you have the ability to understand yourself. Avoid all negativity and fear yourself, ‘At the end of the day I am the winner!

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Have a nice day 🥀

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