Road Accident (In the Context of Bangaladesh)!

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Hello Everyone! How are you all?

This is Abir Hasan once again. And again I'm back with another topic. Today's topic you may have understood by looking at the title. Yes I am going to share an article on road accidents today. So let's start.

An accident is the cry of a lifetime. This is a proverbial sentence. People have to go out for the necessities of life, they have to walk on the path, but in this path innumerable lives are extinguished every day. Now no one knows if anyone will be able to go out in search of a livelihood and come back healthy. On the way, Now there are innumerable killers - monsters. They will attack the car at any moment without heeding the warning or awareness. Will crush on top or under the wheels. Brick-stone-pitch chest can be sharpened with the ears of the feeling of the innumerable heart-wrenching dissatisfaction.

Roads and Vehicle Statistics of Bangladesh: Independence - In pre-independence, the length of paved roads in Bangladesh was 600 km. Crying. No one knows where the end of this cry is. As of 2013, an organization called Accident Research Institute has at least ten thousand accidents on the roads of Bangladesh every year. At least 4,000 people died in these accidents. About 5,000 people were injured. Most of them lose their senses or become paralyzed forever.

Economic loss of road accidents; Road accidents only take people's lives, but not that. As a result, the country's accident damage amounted to about 5 thousand crore. The lion's share of vehicle and infrastructural damage. This financial loss is about 2% of GDP. On the other hand, 30% of MAT allocation in the health sector of the country is spent on the treatment of accident victims. The biggest thing is that the lion's share of this financial loss is spent on foreign currency.

Social Impact of Road Accidents: In many cases the family loses its sole breadwinner as a result of road accidents. Sometimes parents lose their only child. People with disabilities cause various social problems. On the other hand, it is often seen that after the accident, angry mobs blocked the road and carried out looting and vandalism. As the law situation deteriorates, social stability is destroyed. For example, on July 11, 2011, 40 people died in a Mirsarai bus accident, of which 38 were students. These students were returning home after watching a football game. On January 8, 2006, 40 people were killed in a road accident in Comilla.

Causes of road accidents: The causes of road accidents in Bangladesh are as follows:

  • Underdeveloped roads: Most of the roads in our country are narrow, uneven and underdeveloped. Especially on the city streets, the soil is not up to standard. As a result, road accidents are often avoided despite warnings.

  • Incompetent driving: The drivers of buses, trucks and rickshaws in our country are not properly trained. An investigation after the accident revealed that the driver did not have a license. Helper-Conductor Many people have had an accident while driving. Efficiency is not verified in the case of licensing licenses.

  • Irresponsible driving: The biggest reason behind road accidents in our country is the irresponsibility of drivers. Drivers often drive while asleep and without physical or mental ability. This leads to unwanted accidents. Moreover, drivers do not show responsibility for obeying signals and traffic laws. The tendency of drivers to go ahead unnecessarily has often led to fatal accidents.

  • Dilapidated and Defective Vehicles: On our way to the wharf, there are many old-fashioned wooden-storm vehicles. Most of them do not have fitness certificates. At the tip of the administration's nose, the vehicles that were supposed to be abandoned long ago are moving on the road with difficulty. Especially in passenger transport outside Dhaka, more than a year old vehicles.

  • Different types of vehicles are moving together: small, mechanical and non-mechanical vehicles are moving on the same road and accidents are increasing. This problem is especially evident in big cities including Dhaka. Rickshaws, wheelbarrows, scooters as well as buses, trucks and lorries are running on the road. Six to six non-mechanical vehicles are often damaged by two-speed large vehicles.

  • Overcrowding and overcrowding: Cars are parked not only on the highways, but on both sides of the highways. As a result, the path became narrow. Moreover, setting up shops on the side of the road also gives rise to accidents. Hats and bazaars can be seen sitting on both sides of the highway. It caused an accident.

  • Extra goods and passenger transport: In cities and villages, in our country, bats are seen traveling in buses. In many cases it is not possible for the driver to control the vehicle as the dilapidated bus is carrying more passengers than its capacity. It is very common to carry extra goods in trucks and lorries. A five-ton truck is usually seen carrying ten tonnes of goods. This leads to unintended accidents.

  • Defective traffic: We lack the necessary signals on our highways. Drivers on winding roads get confused due to lack of signals. Especially in big cities, the traffic system is at a critical stage. Traditional traffic signals are responsible for many cases of accidents.

  • Multifaceted Corruption: Corruption in the Transport Sector BRT is called by many as an arena of corruption. Here, driving licenses are openly traded for bribes. Kanta Marie license as soon as you pay. Fitness certificate for dilapidated vehicles. With the connivance of the dishonest officials of this organization, extra body of certain size bus-truck was made and extra seats were attached. It is a well-known fact that the traffic police are busy earning money instead of performing their duties on the road.

Things to do to prevent road accidents: The following remedial measures can be taken to prevent accidents. In addition to widening of narrow roads, smoothing of winding roads, construction of sidewalks, it is necessary to take steps to build new roads.

  • Eradication of Corruption: If the transport sector is free from corruption, road accidents will be reduced. Incompetent person so as not to have driving license. In case of getting and identifying fake license, all concerned should show goodwill. We need to bring transparency in the system of issuing fitness certificates for vehicles. The traffic department also needs to be free from corruption.

  • Construction of bypass roads and lanes: The inter-district highways have passed through our cities. Heavy vehicles pass through the busy city. For this it is necessary to build a bypass road by the side of the city. By constructing lanes along the city and highways, it is necessary to make arrangements for the movement of slow moving vehicles including rickshaws through them.

  • Development of traffic system: It is important to keep our traffic system up to date. In this case, signaling system and sophisticated electronic equipment should be collected and used. In our country, drivers and cars easily run away due to accidents. But they can be easily identified abroad with the help of advanced technology.

  • Adaptation of laws: In order to prevent road accidents, traffic laws need to be up-to-date. Initiatives should be taken to provide severe punishment especially against the driver owners. Of the injured and the dead or their family members. Compensation arrangements must be ensured.

  • Ban on old vehicles: The government has banned old vehicles in the capital for more than 20 years. This system must be made effective for the whole country. If necessary, the owners will be forced to sell the old car as scrap. Care should also be taken to ensure that vehicles with sturdy bodies cannot move.

  • Increase in strength of highway police: The government has recently established highway police for road safety. However, the number of highway police. Insignificant and do not have the necessary vehicles or technology in their hands. By arranging all these, the Hyotho police has to be made more active.

  • Imports of advanced technology vehicles: Due to the free market economy, many undeveloped technology and low quality vehicles are being imported. The government will have to take steps to ensure quality and durable and defect-free vehicles without any kind of driver training and mitigation: BRTA's initiative will provide necessary training to the drivers as well as make arrangements for their proper mitigation. This motivation has to be carried out to motivate them for humanitarian and social responsibility.

Accompanying the accident, people have to turn the wheel of life. Accidents will also happen on the roads. However, if there is a logical reason behind it, people accept misfortune as destiny. It is difficult to accept the rate and cause of accidents on our roads. People today do not want to be the victims of the path. Wants to return safely from outside. So the government is on the way to the people. Effective measures must be taken to provide security. Vehicles may not enter the country's market.

I am going to end today's article here. And hope you find this article useful.

So no more today. Good bye.


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