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3 years ago

In our country it is now 12 o'clock. And I sat down to write a photography article again after a long time. I haven't published any photography article in a long time. There are two reasons for not publishing regular.

1.The first reason is that I have an online exam next month. I have to prepare myself for the online exam ahead.

2.And the second reason is
@TheRandomRewarderdoesn't give me any tips for 9 to 10 days.

So everything is going through a bad situation.But I am hopeful that the problems I will overcome soon inshallah. Please keep me in your prayers 🙏 I am more afraid for exams. Because I didn't study much but the syllabus is much more. There is not much study going on in this lockdown. I spend most of my time pressing my mobile.

Let it go.

I hope you enjoy the photography that I will show you today

I took these pictures a few days ago. The sky was cloudy all day the day I took the pictures. It was raining lightly. I thought maybe the sun would not rise today. But in the afternoon I saw that the sky was very clear and there were no clouds anywhere. After a while I saw that the sky looks amazing. The pictures below I took from different places. The sky was really so gorgeous the day I took the pictures. That day I saw a wonderful sunset. Which I will publish later.

So let's see how today's photography are:-

In this picture I have put a grass as the subject.

I have published pictures in this location before. The sunset can be seen very well from this location.

This tree is located on the side of the road. It is a palm tree. The tree is quite large. And much older. I have shared the picture of this palm tree with you before. The first picture is taken from the north side of the palm tree. And the second picture is taken from the south side of the palm tree. I took the pictures at about the same time.

In the picture you can see how beautiful the sky looks. But from the picture in reality the sky actually looked more beautiful. I used to visit this place with my cousin. There are boats in the water.
Occasionally I get on that boat.

Periodically some more pictures.

This is the last picture of today's article. This picture shows the empty sky,There are some clouds in it.

Please comment on how you like today's article. Although I am a little (busy+sad), but I will try to give article daily. I am going to end today's article by inviting you to read the next article. The next article will come soon. Till then stay connected!
Have a great day ❤️❤️
May Allah bless you ❤️

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3 years ago


Good one

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3 years ago

It's a very sad news that you haven't received any tips in a long time. But you did not give up. I don't know why this is happening. But I hope your problem will be solved.

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3 years ago

I hope so the problem will be solved:') Thank you so much for your comment...

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3 years ago

You are most welcome

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3 years ago