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Know your own country.

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1 year ago

Assalamualaikum Guys!
How are you all?
This is Abir Hasan once again. And yes today I'm back with another topic.
So let's start.

We travel around the country. Although travel is a kind of intoxication, through it one can know various unknown information of society, people and nature, one can enrich one's life. But first of all I want to realize my country through travel. To know the country through the eyes of a poet: Poets and artists are creative people. Their writings reflect genuine love for the country. We have to love the country. That is why you have to know the world around you. However, the poet has sadly noticed that even though we have observed and accepted many things from the outside world with interest, we often neglect the unadulterated beauty of our own country.

So first of all our main duty is to know our country. Love for the country, that is, the motherland, is an innate feature of human beings. And loyalty and duty to the country is an essential responsibility of the people. People show love for their country and devote themselves to the welfare of the country. The more patriotic people there are in a country, the more developed that country or nation is. Their status in the world assembly is even higher. The people of civilized nations and civilized countries attach more importance to the interests of the country than their own interests. That is why in a corner rich in patriotism, the life of the nation cannot be touched by misfortune and danger.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was forced to leave his beloved homeland Mecca due to the oppression of the infidels. As he was leaving, he kept looking back at Mecca, at the Kaaba, and said with regret, “O my homeland! How beautiful you are I love you. I would never have left you, had it not been for my own people.

"It has been said in the hadith - 'Patriotism is a part of faith.'" There is true patriotism. If you want to love the country, you have to work for the country. You have to make sacrifices to protect the independence and sovereignty of the country. You have to contribute to the development of the country. It is the duty of a true patriot to work and accept sacrifices for the socio-economic development of agriculture, trade, etc.

If it is not able to know and understand its country well, it is not time to fall in love with the country. There is a variety of beauty in the country. The beauty of this country is the source of beauty. If you can unravel the mystery of the natural beauty of your own country, you will be born in the country. Take deep love.

For many, the attraction of foreign countries is much more than the appeal of home country. They underestimate the invaluable resources and beauty of the country in various ways and are praised abroad. After becoming a foreigner to many, they sometimes rush to the attractions of other countries. But such expressions of people in every corner are not justified. Because, if you are not able to realize your own country, the success of visiting abroad is not achieved. In other words, no matter what we do, our first duty is to know our own country.

Our country's position may or may not be as strong as that of many other countries which are endowed with natural beauty and rich in economic resources. But many foreign tourists come here even though it is an underdeveloped country due to the unobstructed natural beauty of this country. Their main attraction is the natural beauty of this country. In fact, since ancient times and the Middle Ages, many foreign tourists have been attracted to this country's diverse beauty. The unadorned form of the plains of this country, the mysterious expression of the hilly and forested beauty, the majestic appeal of the world's largest beach attracts people from home and abroad. There are various archeological monuments of history and tradition in this country, there are various remnants of the work flow of the ancient human race, there are diverse lifestyles of indigenous peoples, tribes and different ethnic groups. Nature and human beings have a rich existence in a small area of ​​this country.

We need to know the country in which we are the children, the citizens of the country, the companions of the good and the bad of the country as a whole. In order to take the country forward on the path of progress, first we have to realize the weaknesses and potentials of the country. We have to be aware of all the issues of the country and work for the development of the country. As citizens, our responsibility and duty is to lead the country on the path of prosperity. And for that you have to know your own country.

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Written by   137
1 year ago
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