A Bad Day for Me (I lost my grandmother, And see a Road accident)

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3 years ago

Assalamualaikum Everyone! How are you all?

It's me Abir once again. And Alhamdulliah I'm fine. I hope you are also fine by the grace of Almighty Allah.

I share photography with you most of the time. But Today I am going to share with you my experience of a bad day.

So let's start without delay.

My Grandma had been suffering from a physical illness for several years. And she could not see with her eyes at all. (Not that my Grandma was too old) and Grandma was patient with diabetes. I used to see her from young age that she used to take one injection every day. Our grandmother used to caress us very much. She prayed and prayed to Allah for us. And she was a very good person. She was the mother of four daughters and two children. In fact, she was an ideal mother. She has treated every one of his children in a very good way. And my grandmother loved each of her children very much. And yet Grandma's children weep for her and wish her salvation.

The day was February 10th, the day I lost my grandmother. My grandmother became very ill two days before 10th February My grandmother was having trouble breathing. Sometimes he could not breathe. From this condition, the uncles rushed Grandma to the hospital. (At that time our country was not affected by the epidemic coronavirus.) That day was most likely February 8. After a day of treatment there, the doctor failed. And told to take my Grandma to another hospital. And Grandma was taken to another hospital. Grandma was very nervous then. She was terrified. Because my grandmother could not see anything. He kept asking their children - "Where did you take me?" Granny's condition was getting worse. Then she was admitted to the ICU at one point. That day was February 9th. Then it was like 11 o'clock at night. And one of my mother's relatives says to my uncles - "You have been suffering a lot for two or three days. You go back home now.) Me and Nibir (my cousin) are staying here."

And I can hear the next day that our grandmother is no more on this earth. She passed away at 02.00AM last night. I felt so bad. I loved my Grandma very much. The day was really very painful for me. And my uncles and aunts lost their mother and broke up. The pain of losing a loved one is very painful. This pain can be understood when someone close to you is lost.

I don't want to say anything more about this.

No one in the world actually comes to live forever. After a certain time, everyone has to leave the Maya of this world. And no one on this earth is eternal. The Holy Qur'an states that- "Every creature must taste death". So we should always be prepared for death. I say this a lot of the time, that is -"Death Is Near"!

And I pray to all of them to pray for my grandmother, may she be well in the hereafter, and may Allah grant her Paradise.

The day I went to see my grandmother, I watch the accident. An accident happened a little in front of Grandma's house. A freight truck hit a building. The incident took place on the morning of 9th February at around 04.00 AM. No one was seriously injured or death in the crash. There was only a little damage to the building.

Truck Accident Picture-1

An accident is the cry of a lifetime. Many people die in accidents in our country almost every day. There could be many reasons behind the Road accident. So we have to be very careful while moving on the road.

The pictures above are pictures of that accident.

So today I am going to end the article here. I wish you all , Stay blessed!

The next article will come very soon. Till then stay connected. Have a nice day 🥀🌼

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