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The Game Of Cricket

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2 years ago

Cricket is the international game. It is played many countries of the world. The game is played between two teams. Each team consists of eleven players. It is played in a large plot of land. Two bats, two sets of stumps, two pair of bails and a small leather ball are required. One set of stumps each consisting of three stumps is just fixed opposite to the other. The distance between them is 22 yards. The bails are palaced one these stumps which are called wickets. There are two judges called the umpires.

Of the two teams, at first one bats and the other bowls and fields. When the batting of the first team is over, the seconds team bats and first one bowls and fields. Players stand in their different places and game begins. The party that scores the greater number of runs wins the game.

Cricket is one of best outdoor games. It is a good physical exercise. Cricket is undoubtedly a good game.

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