You have no excuse.

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2 years ago

I wish everyone can get to understand this as early as possible though I learnt my own the hard way.

Before I continue with the post, I will like to request for a pardon from you all for not posting and staying ghost for a very long period of time.

My absence was proudly sponsored by excess workload at my ppa and MTN. We went to work at a place where there was no service both Glo and MTN and after then, I have been so busy than I thought but things can only get better from here.

This post was inspired by the conversation that a friend of mine had today. The other person said, "you have no excuse, you just have to succeed".

This made me to think about my life and I am grateful I took a bold step even when it was not easy.

My early days at school

The mentality of most Nigerian students is that you have become a burden for others to take care of as soon as you gain admission.

I was not left out of this, everyday I will be on call asking for money from almost everyone that I have their number.

Not that I go extreme miles but I do call my uncles and aunties and my parent because those are the people that I can call without feeling anyhow atleast they are my family.

The only thing that I got in reply was disappointment but when I got to 200l, I decided that I am not going to call anyone again. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

As at that time, I did not even ha e an idea of how I am going to survive but I just know that somehow, I will manage.

If I had depend on them, my excuse would have been that I did not graduate because I did not have anyone to support me but all thanks to God, I am a graduate and serving my dear country now.

The first time I posted my picture with my khaki (NYSC uniform), my uncle that did not even call me while I was in school was the first person to like and share.

I cannot laugh but I was happy I did not allow their own behaviour to affect my success but do they really owe me anything?

The answer is No!!!

No one owe me anything and besides it was my decision to go to the university not their choice so I must face whatever comes out of it.

Years have passed but when I look back and consider my decision, the only thing that feels my heart is joy and happiness.

You have no excuse

Our country is enough reason as an excuse not to succeed but what has that done for us.

It has made us stronger than we thought and now we are happy we took this step.

What if you think about the stress that comes from work?

You will not even think of handling your phone when you get home?

Oh! What about those that are in school?

Their own level of stress is from another realm but all the same, we have no excuse than to succeed.

I don't know who might need to read this, you have no excuse for not succeeding.

No one cares about how you do it, they all just want result.

If not because of anything, make sure you succeed because of the joy that comes with it.

Let the joy of success surpass the fear of failure. If you will fail, it will be above the average.

Happy New week

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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