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What do you have in mind while setting your 2022 resolutions?

Do you set limit to how far you can go or did you put all your goals based on believe?

It is very much easy to set targets that are much more than your abilities but keeping your mind active towards the goal is the most important.

One of the traits that was said to be common to successful people is that they believe in their own ability to provide problem rather than avoiding it. Even if it seems as if they are not going to achieve it or they did not have an idea of how they are going to achieve it, they will still go ahead and say, "I can".

The big difference

There is a difference between "I can" and "I will".

Both are messages to the subconscious mind to provide solution to a particular problem or achieve something but the later tends to be more of certainty than probability.

Note that you can do it but you might do it.

Until you put your mind to a condition whereby it is no longer thinking about the probability of whether you will do it or not, most of your goals might still remain the way they were if action is not taken.

Nevertheless, the power of "I can" when you are not sure of how to carry out a task or get a solution to a problem cannot be overlooked because it gets your mind into work to provide a reality of how you can achieve the task.

Passing the right information to your mind is not easy but that is not enough, matching the "I can" mindset with "I will" is what streamlined the successful people from others.

Note that success in this context can refer to anything that you count as success. It can be having a new home, having a specific number of BCH, posting consistently for a number of days, not having any health issues, meeting up with deadline, earning a specific amount of money, imparting a specific number of lives. All these are examples of what success can mean to you.

Regardless of what success is to you. Always refer to the word, "I can" and eliminate all probabilities with "I will".

So next time when you want to set a target or a goal for yourself, do not say,

I want to post everyday for the next 30days on readcash.

But say,

I will post everyday for the next 30days on readcash.

Note the difference on the two statements.

Do these and take your success story to another level.

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