The 3 Cs of Life

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This post was inspired by the lead image. I came across the picture while I was looking for a picture to use for a post that I made on noise cash this morning. Luckily for me, my mind was connected to the picture and I could sense an article out of an image.

I have not made the article because this is the article that I sensed out of it but before you continue, this article might negate some of your previous ideology or philosophy about life.

Nevertheless, it is better to learn, unlearn and relearn. Except you are able to continue the circle, you will soon become obsolete even with what you know and what you think you know.

So let's take the ride to another revelation in writing.


Out of everything that God gave man, this is the lost interesting and the most dangerous thing God ever gave man. If God has not given man the power of choice, maybe the world would not have sinned and fall short the glory of glory.

Hey, wait. This is not an aspire to perspire article but a reflection of what happen to us in life using my life as an example.

Years ago, I dreamt of becoming an accountant and as times goes on, I choose auditing as my line in accounting but right now, I am getting tired of the process not because it is not fun but the stress attached to it is not what I dreamt of.

If you've been earning from the comfort of your home, you will understand that waking up everyday to beat traffic and wait for hours at the bus stop is not an ideal way to enjoy to your prime age but why am I doing this currently. It was as a result of a decision I made years back which was based on my power to choose.

NB: I am not yet a full staff, I am just doing my ppa and I am tired of the stress already. 😴😴😴

Before you judge what is happening currently in your life, take a moment to look back on your choices that you made several years ago.


The kind of choices that you make will determine the kind of chances that you will be exposed to.

About a week ago, a brother of mine sent me a link for job which was for an audit and assurance graduate position.

What brought about this chance?

It was as a result of the outcome of my choices meaning my chances in life were determined by the choices I made.

Your WhatsApp will be a good example on this category. What are those information that are available to you from your WhatsApp?

You can't change what you get from your WhatsApp because it is your choice to create such circles of friends meaning what you are getting from them is as a result of your choice.

Hope you are getting something?


Change, they say is the only constant thing in life.

Do you know that if you are getting the same information over and over again, you will start behaving unconsciously to same information.

Your music playlist will be a great example here.

If there are certain music that you didn't listen to but your friends listen to them, when someone play the music where you are, you will start singing it.

Not because you have it on your phone but because your friend keeps playing it to your hearing which is the chances that you got from your choice. (Choice of friends).

Final thought

Most times, what we do see is the change in personality and pattern of behaviour but that was not the beginning of the problem, the problem started long time ago when you made the choice.

Judging by the examples, I hope you now see how these 3 Cs can be a function of one's life in every spheres of life.

Your current passion for BCH was fueled by your choice to make money and to make it on readcash or noisecash so the change in pattern of behaviour is for you to shift from other coins to BCH and you find yourself talking about it more frequent than other coins.

This is not the only area and I know that you might have gotten another perspective to the article. Your comments will be highly valued.

Till I cross your path again, I am like ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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Whether we like it or not, we will be affected by these 3Cs of life so we must be careful in our choice in life because that is what affects the chance and change we Experience later on.

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2 years ago

Choice is the most prominent thing that we should be mindful of.

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