Sniper or machine gun?

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Combatant, let's gather here for a brief discussion. If you are to choose, what will you choose? A sniper or a machine gun?

The word "combatant" does not mean warriors but it refers to you and I because in this world, we are all warriors facing the battle that life throws at us. These warfare are not decided by us but they were as a result of our decisions.

Going by this quote:

Life will not give you what you deserve but what you decide.

You will not understand the stress of going to school, if you never made a decision to attend school. You will never understand the agony of being a soldier, if you never tried to become one. You will never understand the pain of being isolated, if you've never made a decision stand out meaning all the warfare and circumstances that we found ourselves are mostly as a result of our decisions.

It has even being said that, you become a slave to your decisions.

Maybe that's not true. Maybe it's a fact but come to think of it, the moment you decide to become an accountant, a medical doctor, an engineer. You are no longer controlling your actions but your decision is controlling your actions such as, for me to achieve my goal, I have to gain admission. Gaining admission is not the peak, I have to come out with good grade. All these are not your direct decisions but a reflection of your decision.

The battle of the living.

As human being, even if you did not have any dream or any goal, you will still be moved around by desire to feel among. You will be controlled by the desire to feel a sense of belonging and it is more common that you will exhibit the kind of behaviour by the group that accepted you or by the group where you feel among.

This means that everyday there is a battle for us to win which can either be to achieve our goal or to feel among. In this battle, what will you take along? A sniper or a machine gun?

Choose one

Note that you cannot go to war and control both. For you to understand, let's talk about both.


A sniper reflects focus. It reflects a place of high stand. It requires standing out, a level of expertise among other basic things.

If sniper is what you want to choose, note that it requires you acquiring the knowledge that you need to achieve your goal, it requires you to strive for excellence at all time. It requires you to give your best shot at all time. It requires you to be able know when you shod shot and when you should wait. In a nutshell, it requires a lot of planning.

Machine gun

Machine gun on the other hand is a reflection of another techniques of warfare. It requires facing your fear. Anyone with machine gun does not target a particular place but he keeps shooting hoping that the enemy be destroyed but the seamless shooting. In a nutshell, hardwork and luck are the basic assumption compared to focus and planning while using sniper.

The basic difference has been highlighted so what will you choose now in the warfare of life? Will you choose sniper or you are okay with machine gun?

Remember both are for warfare and what you do with them are to defeat your enemy.

Writer's corner?

If you've made your choice, kindly key into it but read this to the end as well.

  • Have you ever had a goal that you know that it is either you achieved it or you die?

  • Have you ever being in a situation whereby all you did was to focus all your energy on just one thing?

What was the result in both scenario?

To me, I will choose to be a sniper rather than a machine gun.

The main reason being that, if you can take note of a specific area where you can add value, it can be your source of generational wealth rather than aiming at every opportunity that comes your way or trying to combine many industry together at once.

This does not mean you should not diversify but it should be one at a time.

  • Are you really focused on your goal or you are targeting based on luck?

  • Are you a sniper or will you prefer machine gun?

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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