Millionaire's secret

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  • Have you ever wonder what the secret of millionaires are?

  • How did they accumulate such wealth?

At times, you might have considered what they are doing that you are not doing?

It is very important to note that all the self made millionaires have one thing in common though they have more than one thing in common but the most simplest thing that they have is what will be revealed in this article.

Did you have an insight of what the secret might be?

Jeff Bezos solved the problem of making different products available for the people, Bill Gate solved a particular problem in the information technology sector. Elon Musk solved problem relating to payment processing. CZ solved the problem of smooth exchange of coin to another. The list will be endless if we should continue but it should be noted that the most common attribute of millionaires is problem solving.

Solve a problem

Rather than moving away or trying to avoid a problem, acknowledge it and look for ways to proffer solution to it.

Think of the time when you solved a particular problem, what was the people's response to your act?

Your name might not be remembered but you will forever be remembered for the problem that you solved.

Solving a problem in business

If you are able to solve the need of your prospect, then you will prosper in business.

The product might not be a necessity but if you can make the customers have a feeling that the product will solve a problem, then you've just won a loyal customer to yourself.

Solving a problem in business did not mean you should start a new initiative.

In every technology, there are lapses that will not be filled. You can solve a particular problem that exist in the existing technology.

Also, if you are having problem with something, there is a possibility that others are having the same problem,why not solve the problem and be known as a problem solver.

Solving a problem in leadership

Being a leader doesn't translate to being in position of power or being in the highest political office in your country but it starts with you.

Leaders are not gods but they are people like you and I with a mindset to serve.

The number of people that you want to serve is what determine the strength of your leadership but all things being equal, Leadership begins when you are ready to take responsibility for your choices and inaction.

Leadership begins when you have the mindset to serve and not to be served.

If everyone is a leader (have the mindset to serve), our world will be a better place.


There exist a problem in every area of life, it is left for you to bring solution to it.

One of the problem that exists with Bitcoin is the fee which Bitcoin Cash solved.

Another problem that is being solved by Bitcoin cash is the transfer of wealth. Other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram are built to take the wealth to a single person while was built to bring wealth to creativity.

Which problem are you solving?

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2 years ago


To be a millionaire is not just an overnight occurrence, there is a place of ideas, thoughts, actions and sleeplessness sometimes. Seeing a problem and propounding a solution is the way an ideal millionaire reasons.

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2 years ago

Yes, there is persistence and bringing solution to problems. The higher the impact of the problem, the lower the chance of success and the higher the chance of being a millionaire by solving it.

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2 years ago