Know when to depart

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Leaving those that you love always feel somehow but when you leave them, you might be doing yourself help or helping them.

A short experience

Few years back, there was a girl whom I love so much and I decided to shoot my shot.

My shot hits the target but only for few hours. She was actually dating my friend then but I still love her.

Maybe I am the bad person for asking my friend's girlfriend out nut the guy in question has no intention of getting married to her. We already knew that but she did not realise it on time.

To her, she was convinced enough but before daybreak, her mind changed thinking maybe it was a set up between I and my friend.

To be sincere, her decision hurt me more than for her to say No from the onset.

If she had said no without any glimpse of hope, it would have been better than for us dating for less than 24hours.

Lesson learnt

Even though we departed then but it is the best option for both us and now, we are partners though no emotional attached. We are now working together as partner to establish one of the best Africa accounting firm.

We are still in the developing stage but if she held on to me then, maybe she would not have been able to acquire the knowledge needed to establish the firm.

If I had been with her, there are series of things that I would not have acquired as well.

Our meeting or coming together was not actually for us to be in a relationship then but to serve as a foundation for what is to come which is actually what is happening now.

The only departure without hope

Whether we like it or not, death will knock on our door one day and each and everyone of us will taste death.

That day, those that love you will seek to touch you but you will be far away from them.

They will expect you to talk to them but nothing will be coming out of you.

Except death, any other departure is for the best as long as it is when you are suppose to depart.

Are you in any relationship which seems to be breaking apart?

Maybe you need the break.

Are you afraid of losing your partner or friend?

Maybe they are not suppose to be in your next chapter of life.

Are you concerned about leaving that company?

Maybe you are meant to be in another position higher or better than where you are currently.

Don't be carried away by the pain of leaving those that you loved but be concerned about losing yourself and the lesson that you are suppose to learn.

Life is in folds, know when to stay and when to leave. Leaving is always for a reason that can be known only if you are able to discern it.

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