It is too early to give up.

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2 years ago

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This year is already going to an end and as each day becomes history, it becomes a reality that we are closer to another year than before.

No matter how careless you are, you are still going to have a aim or a target which you will like to achieve. Some people might be thinking it is too late while some will be thinking the time to achieve the goal is too small and it might not be possible to achieve it again.

This is just a call to tell you that it is too early to give up on your goal.

If your own goal is to buy a car this year, you can still buy it.

If yours is to get a new house, it is still possible.

If yours is to have a certain amount of BCH, it is still possible.

If yours is to change your phone or get yourself a new laptop, trust me, it is still possible.

Whatever your goal is, it is still but how can you achieve the goal if it is still possible.

How to achieve your goal.

Put your trust in God

I am so sorry if this negate your own belief or goes against your ideology but there is no one that trusted in God that will be put to shame.

If you have not tried it before. You should do it now. Just trust God completely and see whether the goal will be achieved or not.

Put in the hardwork.

Trusting God alone is not enough as God will also bless the work of your hand. So it is compulsory that you are also working toward the achievement of your goal.

You cannot lie down on your bed and expect food to come to you but it must be prepared by someone and even requires your own effort to get up from the bed and eat even if another person prepares it for you.

Your own part of it should be to work harder if you have been working hard before.

Tell someone about it.

This is a very tricky part because you can not trust anyone with your dream but I have tried it and it worked for me.

Telling someone about your goal will keep you motivated and keep you working towards it but the problem here telling it to someone that is trustworthy.

Not everyone can be trusted with your gaol so if you can't find anyone to trust, tell it to God.

God will never fail to hear and He will not tell it to another person unless the person is suppose to help you achieve it.

Redraft your plan

Go over your plan again and see the reason why you've not been able to achieve your goal.

You have to be truthful to yourself at this stage because truth a times are overshadowed by self confidence.

If the reason is what you can control, devise new plan to control it.

If it is not within your capabilities, do what is within your capability.

It is not within a student's capacity to know what is going to set in an examination but it is within the student's capacity to read more and prepare very well before hand.

So for every reason that is beyond your control, there is something within your control.

Pray to God.

You started with God and you are still going to end with God.

After setting a new plan, pray to God about it. The impact of praying might not be visible to you but it works wonder.

With less than 33days to the end of the year, it is still too early to give up.

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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2 years ago


It is not over is over. What you have not been able to achieve for eleven months, in few seconds, all may just become a reality.

I'd prefer you imagine it first. The power of imagination can drive you towards actualizing your goals.

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2 years ago

The power of imagination can not be overlooked but this post focused of goals that has been set but not yet achieved so it is assumed that the person has imagined it earlier.

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2 years ago

Telling people about your goals can be a source of conflicts and envy, so unless you trust them, I would advise you to keep some things to yourself, it's a strange world out there.

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2 years ago

A very very strange world. Better to keep it to yourself if you don't trust anyone.

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2 years ago