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Whenever the word, "focus" is being mentioned, the whole atmosphere changes and everyone is at alert to receive or sense something different.

The world we live in has even made it almost difficult to focus. If you are not being distracted by some activities on social media, you will surely lose your stand due to absurd news and events happening around us. As if that is not enough to get us distracted, the problems and challenges faced is enough to keep us away from being focus.

Truth be told, there are problems and challenges that can keep us away from being productive but rather than keeping us away from our goal, what if the problems and challenges are the limit that we must break into to achieve our set objectives.

In life, what you are going to get is based on your level of focus. Focus in this sense is not increasing what you do or reducing what you did not do but what you see in every situation.

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A wise one once said, opportunity lies in problems.

Maybe that is not true, maybe it is a fact but if you could channel the energy that you used in thinking about a problem, if you channelled such in providing a solution, maybe you could have gotten the answer that you need.

The real problem is not what you regarded as problem but the real problem is you getting a solution to the problem.

Nevertheless, if you must ever focus on opportunities rather than the problem, you must firstly acknowledge that you have a problem.

Don't get this wrong, if your mind could not accept the fact that you did not have a problem, all you will be doing will be to find a way to talk yourself out of it. If you will get any chance at all, you must first acknowledge that you have a problem.

Once you acknowledge your problem, thinking about the solution is another major problem because many people focuses on the problem thereby creating a kind of mindset that the problem cannot be solved.

It doesn't matter what you are doing or thinking or past performance, as long as you did not acknowledge any problem, finding solution to that problem will be a big problem because there is nothing to but.

Don't forget, even after acknowledging your problem, channel your energy towards finding a solution rather than thinking about the problem.. Focus!!!!

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