Fear and courage II

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In my previous post, I talked about fear and encourage. You might want to read that first so click here.

Fear is an emotional feeling which can be caused by several factors which numerous but those factors have higher tendency than others.

Causes of fear

Childhood conditioning

Jean piaget, a psychologist, postulated that our personalities were developed when we were young. There has been criticism and there has been other research being carried out as well but many psychologist have supported the notion that most of our personalities were formed while we were young mostly before 12years.

How can we be affected by our childhood conditioning still remains a mystery but the fear that we exert as adults can be traced back to our childhood experience. Experiences are not just there. They affect our subconscious mind which work directly with our superconscious mind to bring into remembrance the consequences that were faced for doing something while we were young.

Psychologist have also found out that mostly before age 12,most child are creative in nature but the same child that was able to deliver great art work as a kid will find it difficult to do so as an adult. What has happened?

It's the conditioning.

One of the most popular conditioning is our school system. Imagine a child that is interested in artwork but because being an artist is not part of the option given in career talk while in primary school, such a child's brain will be conditioned that being an artist is not accepted in our world here and he might face difficult or develop fear to break out of the childhood conditioning because it is the most powerful conditioning.


Ignorance is not an excuse under law but you can not develop courage when you are unaware of what might be the consequences.

Have you wonder that you hardly win over those that asked you to do your worse?

Yes, it is very hard to win them because they are aware of your worse and for that they are prepared for it.

Threatening them with the same thing will only serve as confirmation and will trigger their own defense system regarding your action.

You cannot be courageous when you did not know or have little knowledge of the situation.

Ignorance is another causes of fear that might not be noticed so easily most especially if you believe that you know.

Fatigue or illness

This is not common to all but fatigue and illness can be a cause of fear considering how we take care of it.

If you are the type that do work out early in the morning, you might have noticed that you will be active when you do some exercise in the morning than the day when you did not.

Instead of exercise, when you are stressed, physically or mentally, your level of fear might increase even regarding what you don't fear before.

Same thing appeal to when we are sick, we tend to become more fearful than when we are hale and agile.

The causes of fear are not limited to the above mentioned causes as the causes of fear can be general or specific to an individual but nevertheless, we can become fearful due to any other causes highlighted.

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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Fear is the main theme to earn more courage. same are related with each other.

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2 years ago

Absolutely true. There is a thin line between fear and courage.

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