Factors determining your level of income.

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Your level of income both in the traditional system and the digital space is affected by some factors which might be unknown to you.

The traditional system, before now, lay emphasis on certificate but it is no longer about certificates any longer. The world has moved ahead and having the best grade on your certificate does not guarantee higher level of income. All other things being equal, your certificates might get you a job but what will determine your level of income within that job is based on certain factors.

The Crypto space is not different in this aspect as the factors also affects your level of income in the digital space as well. Though it is possible to earn based on your risk level while trading but when you are working or rendering a services which is regarded as Baas, Blockchain as a Service, your level of income will be determined by this same factor.

What you do (your occupation or skill)

In the traditional system, is a medical doctor earning the same amount as a primary school teacher? Even in the teaching line, a primary school teacher will not earn the same amount as a lecturer in the higher institution. What caused the changes in their level of income is basically what they offered.

The digital space is not exempted as well. A UI/UX designer is not earning the same amount with a graphics designer even though both are designers not to talk of content writers, blockchain developers, business developers, community managers, social media strategist among others. The variety in their level of income is not biased, it is based on their perceived value and complexity of what they are doing.

What can you offer and who are you offering it to?

How well can you do it?

Have you ever try securing a job as an entry level graduate? If you've tried this, you will understand this better. Most human resources managers believed that fresh graduates should not be paid at the same rate with experienced people even if they are offering the same service. Yes, I mean if they are both practically doing the same thing, their level of pay will differs.

That being said, another factor that determines your level of income is your level of excellence at whatever you are doing.

  • Do you want to increase your income?

Increase your level of expertise in whatever it is that you are doing?

Doing the same thing over and over again should lead to a reduction in time taken with an increased output but if yours still remain the same even after years or months of doing the same thing, you stand the chance of earning same amount while others are earning more for doing what you are doing because they are excellent at doing it.

Don't forget that, whatever is worth doing at first, is what doing well.

How easy it is to replace you.

Your mediocrity can be tolerated if you cannot be easily replaced but if you can be easily replaced, your job security itself is not secured. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

There are many qualification that can teach a primary school pupils but those that will lecture a PhD are very few meaning it is more easier to replace a primary school teacher than to replace a professor.

Agreed, no one is indispensable but if you can be replaced without stress, your level of income will be considerably low of possible lower than the cost of replacing you.


What are you doing and how excellently are you doing it?

Having a tangible answer to these two alone will determine whether you can be easily replaced or not so rather than chasing every skills, choose a high income skill and be extremely good at it.

Nevertheless, having a skill is not enough be a salesman and sell your skills just like a professional salesman.

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