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Anytime I I think about the word, death, every thing about me changes.

I always wish I could know when mine will come.

But the decision is not for me to make.

Even the next person who will lose his or her life the next minutes might not know by now.

What am I even saying, the person did not know.

As I am typing, I am sure some are saying goodbye to this world.

Their spirit and soul will depart leaving their body to the justice of life.

How I wish death can be bribed?

Life after death

Is there really life after death?

Maybe it is just an illusion?

Forget about religious belief, there are men of great value that even after their death, we are still earring their name.

If life after death is just an illusion, what will be your reaction?

There will be no time for you to amend your ways.

You might even regret your days.

But does all that matters when you can even live after death?

The fallen heroes

There are people whom you have heard and whom I have heard about but their death is just a transition because we still learn from them or make use of their innovations.

If Henry Ford has not built a car, how will you be able to travel long distances.

Oh! You will trek. 🤔🤔🤔

That's just an example.

There are countless of people whose reasoning and level of impact made their names to be on the lips of generation.

They are also human and not monsters but they are more dedicated to helping lives and that alone has granted them life till eternity.

There are certain books that you will read and it will be as if the writer was just beside you but most of them are long gone if before you were born nevertheless their written words still affect you as if they are just having the conversation with you.

These are the set of people that conquered death.

Even they are no more, their name remains forever.

If I can ask you a question,

With your current lifestyle and what you have done in life, have you conquered death?

It is another thing to be known and what you are known for is another thing.

A thug is well known but what he is known for is thuggery. In his realm, he will also remain relevant.

You can only conquer death when your name lives after your death and with that life after death is certain..

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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