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2 years ago

If I am asked a thousand times, I will pick success over challenges but if you look closely, you will realize that there is no success without challenge.

Success are recorded when you are able to overcome challenges but is there anyone that love challenges. Maybe there is not a single soul but everyone loves success.

There are situation when we love to enjoy live and just be ourselves but the thought of what we are passing through will make us lose sleep at night.

Many are walking dead not because they are dead but because their soul cannot comprehend the challenges that is brought upon them. Who is that person that loves challenges let him come out and tell us which planet he is from. Maybe he is not from earth or does not have any alliance without mother earth.

As if there is someone at the end of the wheel changing the narration from time to time. There will be some time when you will not want the day to end while there will be some time when you will start each day with sigh and end each day wetting your pillow. That is still okay because no one will know what you are going through but mere looking at some people, you will tell from their outlook that challenges has taken over their reasoning and everything about them.

How will you explain life to someone that has lost everything in life within splits seconds?

How will you console someone who has never tasted success for a day?

Where did we get it wrong?

Is there a solution at all?

Is there a way to avoid challenges?

I have searched within books, I have read the black character written on white background, I have listened to great men but none of them have told history of the journey being a smooth one.

Does that mean there is no way for us to live life without challenges?

Or is there a secret they are not telling us?

These were my thoughts before I got to the page in 10x rule where Grant Cardone explained that the only way to overcome challenges is to love challenges.

Now, let's go back in time.

When we were in school, you will noticed that those that love exam prepares for it long before the days are near while those that despise it get caught up unnoticed. Exam is a challenge for students and those that want to move ahead must have a considerable result. Those that love it prepares for it while those that did not love it, if they prepare for it, will also scale through.

Does that give you an insight into how to overcome challenges?

Be prepared for it.

How can I be prepared for what I did not know when it will come?

It will not speak well and since you are not a philosopher, how can you know what will happened next. Even a soothsayer cannot predict what will happen later but remember that each day comes with its challenges. So while making your schedule be prepared for the challenges that might come at anytime.

Also, it should be noted that not everything that we consider as challenge are challenges, only if we can train our mind, we might see opportunities in challenges. In reality self, those who we look up to as heroes today were at one time faced by challenges that nearly claim their life. Their survival is what made them hero.

If you want to live a life without challenges, love challenges and sees opportunities in it.

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


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