World After Covid

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Are you happy? Will you be happy?

These days it is hard to get an affirmative answer to these questions. While first question directly brings covid in conversation, later brings a sense of uncertainty. While life is all about uncertainty, yet these days seems too uncertain. Humanity has suffered and hope is hard to find. Yet like all things this shall also pass. In this article I would like bring forth different scenarios While can play out as we move away these horrific days.

Health as priority

While developed world do spend significant amount of their GDP on health, primary change would occur in developing and under develop world. A significant change would be seen how humanity sees pandemic, and how disease endemic to some place could spread worldwide. Access to medicine and vaccine was big issues, so countries developing their own pharma industry could be on the cards too. Global institutions failed miserably not just in dissemination of information, but also finding origin of virus. Covax facility made for poor country paralyzed due to vaccine nationalism. Global rejig of institutions is required and could see light of reality. Health can only be looked with money.


We will see global overhaul of economies. Covid was inflection point. It battered few economies while few grew decently. Over dependence on China weighed heavily on world as supply chains were severely constrained. There are few economies looking well poised to grow fast. India is a very bright spot. While rest of the world may see moderation. Pandemic exacerbated problem of inequality. While inequality grew amongst nations, people were also hit unequally. While wealthy saw their wealth soaring in stressful times, poor were left strangling to survive on their own. Probably God looked after them😊. Pandemic taught us we must work overnight to solve inequality.

World order

With change in economic size power structure will change, which will support new world order. US times as sole hegemon has come to an end. China which grew silently for few decades has arrived. With Russia China on one hand and US and west on other world is again looking multipolar ( largely bipolar ). Few new participants may also emerge. Rise of india could also become one event. African continent may grow. If it does world will be hugely benefited.


Each country have been ravaged by pandemic. This stress phase changed government, leaders,society at large and individuals. Welfare has come to center stage even in capitalist countries. This crisis also presented an opportunity to bring structural changes in economy, society and international relations. Report card of each country will be matched in times to come. But each country has matured, as crisis teaches us more than our achievements.


As widely quoted things that break you is the thing that makes you, is apt quote for an individual. What we have witnessed may be the most catastrophic event of our lives. But we all have learnt so many things about ourselves, society and about humanity itself. We have become young doctors on our own, we all spent some Quality time with our families, we all did some kind of meditation to tide through these difficult times. Pandemic has taught us value of life.

I am an optimist. What we have gone through portrays our strength. This is an inflection point. World hereafter is in our hands . We can learn from our mistakes, can take comfort in our strength and should move on to a bright and beautiful future.

My love to all

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