Profession or passion

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2 years ago

Profession is earning livelihood without any procurement.

Passion is the subject of living a life with enjoyment

One is weighed on the back with slow motion.

The other is performed with interest and recreation,

Profit and loss define the success in one,

The other enjoys beholding beauty without any retardation.

One flourishes with wealth and talent,

The other advances with ideas and emotions in peaceful moment.

Feelings and emotions neglected in one,

Only counted the profit and loss in each transaction.

It may be extinct in the fertile land of solitary

But passion may flourish to its utmost in seclusion.

One may be laden with fruits of luxurious facilities,

It brings boredom and tiredness with anxieties.

The other is dire weapon to kill the worries

Cause it's the matter of pleasure beholding natural beauty.

Passion may lead to your choicest profession,

But profession can't become a passion.

Poetry is the matter of joy with feelings and emotions,

It becomes selfish, sere and bald when adopted as profession.

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