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11 months ago

Greetings Everyone... I hope you will be fine and enjoying good health. Today I want to express my feelings regarding

I have been working on and collected almost 420 subscribers at that platform.

Today I opened my account on my name that was suspended for ten minutes. I was shocked to see this but I faced it with patience because it was the source of my survival at different social media platforms including and

As I completed my time of suspension and warning ⚠️ , the guardian named came and suspended again my account permanently.

Indeed it was due to my comment that I made below my friends post. Mishal was also suspended mistakenly for some reason.

I was chatting with her as usual because she was my friend.

I commented on her post that my account was also suspended but I escaped from being permanently muted. Anyhow I lost my account for permanently suspended time span.

It's very painful for me. I was thinking to make a new account but it will not work for me to gather so much subscribers. I don't know why he did do but I had already completed my suspension time.

We are humans and err is always to humans. I committed a mistake three weeks ago and I was suspended for ten minutes. Again I am permanently suspended.

Sir !

I have been spreading awareness regarding and especially about BCH because I was earning it from you. No one bothers to take my decision towards him. I decided to come here.

I hope you will read it and send my message to that guardian. If you want my account then I have another at this platform. Come and mute me here also. I need not that earning that consists disrespect in it. I know I was wrong before the rules were made. How we can implement rules on 3 week old posts.

Anyhow... It's upto the and team. I have been making memes and loving people. I had a series of quotations from different authors and motivational speeches. I had Cryptocurrency news serial on I always supported it but you muted and suspended my account.

You disappointed me. 😌😌

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Written by   21
11 months ago
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