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Friendship Broken 💔💔💘

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5 months ago
  • Do you have any friends

  • How much do you want it

  • Does he want you too

  • Is he your true friend

  • Do you trust him

  • Is it good to have friends?

  • Do friends alleviate your grief?

Friendship is the name of the thing that endures. There are all kinds of friends in the world. Some friends are mean and they are friends for their own purpose and some friends even cheat. In addition, there are some good friends in the world who have the opportunity to learn a lot and some friends are even ready to die for the sake of friendship.

Friends can be boy or girl. In our society it is considered wrong to befriend a girl but it should not be done. We can be friends with girls but good friendship. Many people get frustrated when a friendship breaks up and then they don't want to be friends with anyone because their heart is broken.

My Friendship

There was an accident of friendship in my life too. What I remember to this day and I have not forgotten. From this friendship I have learned a lot and lost a lot and besides, I enjoyed these moments of friendship.

It has been three years since this incident. I entered ninth grade at that time, in a new school. Since I was new to school I had no friends there. But gradually some of them became my friends. Among these friends were boys as well as girls. They were all my friends. But one of them became my best friend. She was good at reading and I was also very fond of reading. Gradually our friendship deepened. But I only considered him my friend and nothing more. We both played together and studied together. He was very fond of playing football but I had no special interest in football. But when I played football with him, I also became interested in playing football. When there were exams, we both prepared for the exams together and we both topped the class. In the same way, the days went by and we passed the ninth class with good marks.

Then we had a two-month vacation and he asked me for my mobile number but I didn't have one. But I didn't deny it and I gave her my brother's mobile number and then during the holidays she used to talk to me on her mobile. I used to ask my brother for a mobile phone to talk to him. She told me that she was buying tenth grade books and reading at home and advised me to sit at home and read. I also went to town with my father the next day and bought books and then started reading at home. Eventually the holidays ended and we started going to school again.

One thing I remember here is that I have not yet told you the name of my friend.😂 His name was sweeter than his good manners. Her name was Zainab.

A month later, a sports day was fixed in our school and all the children started writing their names in the list of students participating in sports. We both took part in a game. The game was something like who will eat the most bananas in a minute. Zainab started preparing for it. He challenged me to eat more bananas than you. I also said let's see. On the appointed day we both sat together and watched the game and enjoyed it and then it was our turn. We both went to the playground and started playing. The game lasted for a minute and then later the result of the game came out. Zainab won the game and I lost. Zainab was rewarded by the school for winning.

Zainab ate five bananas in one minute and I ate four bananas in one minute and time ran out. Anyway, we had a great day. Today my memories are getting fresh.

I love writing on Read.Cash, but I enjoy writing my own story. Zainab was also very fond of writing so she often sat and read and wrote books. She had a cat that she loved so much she told me about her cat. Her complexion was white and her eyes were full and she was very beautiful. Her name was even more beautiful than her beauty. His name was Willow.

While remembering these beautiful moments, another beautiful incident came to my mind that once our school trip Murre. I didn't plan to go because all of us family members had planned to go somewhere else. But at Zainab's insistence, I have also written my name in the list of dying children. On the appointed day we left school at three in the morning. It took us about five hours to die. The road was long so we decided to stop somewhere and then the headmaster stopped the car near a hotel. All the children had breakfast there and also enjoyed it. There we took an hour and then started traveling. In the car we did very naughty and enjoyed.

Eventually we reached Murree where the headmaster took a place to stay and we put our luggage there. And rested for a while and then we had to go for a walk around Murree. We intended to stay here for two days. The first day did not snow. But the next day it snowed a lot. For the first time in my life, I saw snow. I felt great. We went to different places there. Zainab and I stayed together and enjoyed it very much. The next day it snowed so hard that the traffic stopped. Which is why we had to stay another day.

The next day the snowfall subsided so we started traveling to get back. We arrived home at about two o'clock in the afternoon. We started going to school the next day. In the same way, the days passed and our exams approached. Zainab and I started working hard day and night. Now we had only a few days left because again our paths had to be separated. Zainab started talking to me strangely these days.

One day Zainab and I were sitting in the school grounds when she placed a flower in front of me and then said that you should have done it but I am doing it and said that I love you. Do you want to live with me I was shocked to hear this and started looking at him.

I told him that I consider you my friend and nothing else. How did you even think. Zainab threw flowers and said that you have been cheating on me for two years and now you are cheating on me. And she said, "Then why have you befriended me?" And besides, she talked a lot and I kept watching her.

I left school and went home. And he was just wondering what happened. I called him on mobile and said I could understand your pain. Zainab replied to me that you should never call me again. I told her we could keep the friendship if you wanted. But Zainab replied that she was no longer needed.

My heart was broken when I heard this. Zainab also blocked my number. There were three days left in our exams. When I would sit at home and prepare for the exams, I would remember Zainab saying that if she were my friend today, we would both prepare for the exams together. But that was no longer possible. I don't know how Zainab took the exam without me.

Anyway, our exams are over. I tried to contact him several times but failed. She had completely left me. I was disappointed for a week or two but then slowly recovered. And then forget it. Today, when I remembered that three years later, I thought of writing my story on

I don't know if Zainab was wrong. Now only Zainab's memories are left.😭

Zainab - Zainab - Zainab .....😭😭😭😭

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Written by   6
5 months ago
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Soo Sad😭😭😭😭

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