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Amazon forest part : 2

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  • Animals and Insects

Furthermore, Amazon has 100s of different species of reptiles, not found anywhere else. Among these there are many species of snacks scorpions and crocodiles. Other than these 200 species of animals and birds, Amazon forest has no less than 2.5 million different species of insects. If we only talk about spiders, there are almost 3000 species present. Some of them are big enough to prey on birds.

Amazon is also home to 120 different venomous species of frogs, strong enough to kill a dozen people. These frogs are found in different colors and they most appear in rainy season. There is a rather unique specie of ants found in Amazon, with sting as potent as a bullet. Its venom is strong enough to kill a healthy man in a matter of minutes. That's why this ant is called bullet ant. Besides, Anaconda snakes, usually seen in Hollywood movies, are also found in this forest. Although not venomous, these snakes can swallow their prey alive.

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